Steve jobs as a literature student: application letter will be auctioned again

Steve Jobs as a literature student: Application letter will be auctioned again

An old handwritten application letter – with a signature – by apple-grunder steve jobs comes again under the hammer, now apparently as a result of a show of a show. In 2018, the document was last auctioned and achieved a price of 175.000 US dollars, as the auctioneer notified. The one-sided leaf is in "very good condition" with just light wrinkles and stains and an old transparent adhesive strip at the upper edge.

Steve jobs with 18

The job writing of jobs dealt in an online action had previously been auctioned in 2018, at that time the auction encompassed a mac-OS X manual signed by jobs as well as a newspaper section signed by him, which is also signed by it.

Steve jobs: application letter and autographs

Steve Jobs as a literature student: Application letter will be auctioned again

the letter of application fulled steve jobs 1973 with 18 out – three years before the reason of apple.

The letter of application of the application fulled steve jobs as an 18-year english and literature student – in 1973. The document shows the early interest of the later APPLE GRANDER at the still very young technical industry at this time, under skills he crossed both "computer" as well as "calculator" and handwritten the blank "design" and "tech". Jobs were interested in a job as "electrical engineer" or "design engineer", access to a means of transport is DAFUR "possible, but not likely", is carried out in the application.

Fast demolition of the study

Jobs was probably still enrolled at the reed college in portland at the reed college in portland in the US state, which is also noted as an address on the letter. The application was presumably written just before jobs stopped his studies after the first semester.

Afterwards, he visited individual courses at the college among other things to calligraphy. He never believed that he could ever learn about practically, so jobs on a famous termination speech in front of students of the university of stanford in 2005, but in the development of the first macintosh he would have recurred everything – typography played a correspondingly important role.

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