Sweden – “soft” basic for the pandemic special way

Sweden -'weiche' grunde fur den pandemie-sonderweg

Why were mabschlen without prohibitions in sweden and why there is the appropriate jerk of this in the population? – an explanatory attempt

Sweden goes a special way in the pandemic and the result is still open. Neither had the opponents like the commutations of the "non-lockdown" really quite so far. There are not any "italian matters" entered, with superfilled intensive care units with dying people who get morphium instead of a ventilator. On the other hand, sweden stands with 570 dead per million inhabitants much worse than norway, where 49 dead come to one million.

But why is selected in sweden this path and why there is the corresponding jerking for this in the population? Which "soften" factors in the psychogram of the country are crucial?

When jan eric litton, a retired virologist, praised the swedish health office at the end of april, since february has not had a comprehensive data recovery of the coronafalle in sweden in sweden so as to pursue the spread of the virus, there was a significant answer from otherwise tegnell, the state epidemiologist and architects of the swedish special.

Sweden -'weiche' grunde fur den pandemie-sonderweg

Anders tegnell at the tags press conference on the corona situation in front of the karolinska institute. Image: frankie fouganthin / CC-BY-SA-4.0

"There is a certain risk of creating unrest in the population when you go out and ask questions", explained tegnell to the newspaper "svenska dagbladet". Also, the swedish health department was to be researched in kindergarten and primary schools. This brought to the country of foreign scientists criticism, scheden had as well as the only wealthy country in europe, which can increase the lockdown avoided valuable data.

"Make unrest" is particularly unexplained in sweden. You realize this in everyday life, where "that’s quiet" the most common phrase is – a mix "everything OK" and "just the peace". Also for discussion around the start of the school in sweden, the state epidemologist said again: "there is the risk of spreading restlessness."

Another swedish phanomenon associated with it seems to be the displacement. Tegnell himself explained that one reactants in the pandemic or just "switch off" connetting – he prefer the latter and the word "switch off" he uses ofter. The fact that one represents the facts of the facts of unpleasant scenarios and clearly speaks, as political leadership and partly the health experts of the scandinavian neighboring states acts, is apparently not in question for him and many swedes as a third alternative.


A well-known representative of the theory of swedish tendency to the displacement is elisabeth asbrink, a journalist and writer. In your unfortunately not in german-relevant book "words who shaped sweden" does she mean that sweden have a kind of short-term recipient and with their inclination to follow every trend to hide the past swift.

This thesis understoods them, among other things, with ingvar kamprad, the IKEA land, whose best friend otto uilman was a jew fled to sweden, at the same time he also talked about the war contacts with right-wing extremists and holocaust leaners.

The typical swedish self-image is that "be good" so asbrink. Other swedish authors with foreign roots also throw their country "refusal" before, they are loud critics of the corona map.

Missing experience with heavy crises

As the cause for impregnation may be missing missing experience with a crisis. Quite different the neighbors: all three countries have experienced warmans of the second world war, the strongest found finland affected. The country has the so-called so-called in the cold war "stand-up" with masks and protective rings still maintained until today, which are distributed to secret locations over the country.

The finns who like themselves "pessimist" station and out of the worst, as it also explained the now suspended leaders of this camp, the swedes see as counterpart as "optimizer". Since the napoleon time, the consumer could successfully develop from direct military conflicts. "The worst" so stood in sweden again and again, but has not occurred so far.

Added to this is the swedish hornstorm against authoritations. The politicians like a gross part of the population horns on the statements of the health department. So far, the rotgrune government under stefan lofven relied on the recommendations of the author. "We hobby epidemologists should be careful with too rapid consequences." with such sizens, the politician of science, or a part, is present and avoiding political action.

"The professional physicians should make their job", so also ulf kristersson, boss of the bourgeo-moderates, who has now criticized lofeven for whose action, without previously noticed with their own thoughts.

Consensus thinking and foresor

Due to the weak of politics, the role of the current state epidemiologist is far national than that of a medical person, which does not rise, on the contrary. Landfather" or "our liberator" will he like to be called by the many well-known, who celebrate him with printed T-shirts and other fan articles.

Whether conscious or not, conducted tegnell, as a type of modest, somewhat humourless sweden, a longed-in community feel at his compatriots. In conjunction with him, the word appears in the media "volksheim" on, a social model, which developed the social democrats end of the twenties and that the hitherto tough clashes between entrepreneurs and workers should end as an identity brace (in search of the volksheim).

This clip now seems to form tegnell and the other employees of the health office, which the country, which is split in questions about immigration, to a rough part. The consensus thinking of sweden and the fursor’s obligation, which the state authorities traditionally take over, can explain why the corona maps are so far accepted.

A loss of confidence against the state, which offers the burgers as many help, seems to extrapol in sweden roughestest, and we again in avoiding "unrest" are. All the misjudgments of the office, (symptomless not contagious, the disease was only occasionally occurred in sweden, is similar to the flu, the wrong numbers) were only very reluctant corrected. The use of a mouthguard rejects the author almost everywhere, only in may an expert was able to give himself through a half-hearted recommendation for the staff of the retirement home. Blob no self-criticism, only no clear correction wrong decision.

"As if the whole world has grapped goods"

This confidence in the state is so rough that it takes the freedom to social experiments, as an initiator to urge society in his sense

So in 1972 in sweden became a strategy titled "family and future" said goodbye to demand the emancipation of the individual of traditional, collectivistic forcels. Parents should liberate themselves from their children and vice versa, women from the men who remain old among themselves. It alone should pay true relationships that nourishes an individual to another. With a reason for the rough loneliness, among the many sweden now suffer, but only incidentally.

If the family and other communities has been minimized as a busy force, the relationship of the individual to the state authority is more intimate, who is called for specialist futures "state individualism".

Thanks to the conviction of the modeling swedish achievements in social policy, there is a trend towards the superior conveying of the swedish "bench" abroad, see about the self and outdoor picture of the "humanoid gross power", this comes from prime minister olof palme.

But the current strategy will also be communicated to AUBEN research and partly arrogant from the swedish committees. "It was as if the whole world has grapped goods", thus, anders tegnell characterized the lockdown matches of other countries – the normal sweden, surrounded by non-normal.

The inner world against the augenwelt – from developments outside sweden, tegnell is generally "troubled", of tendencies within sweden, such as recently, an increase in the R number, he definitely shows himself "unerring".

Could it be that the always alleged physician with the ever-influenced outerwear such as his prominent with-swedine greta thunberg has the asperger syndrome? At least the insistence on the own model and the negation of the arguments of the augen seems to be a small index – maybe symptomatic for the whole country.

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