Tuner cobra n + refines the nissan 370z

Tuner cobra n + refines the nissan 370z

Leopoldshohe, 13. July 2009 – a nissan 370Z have made the designer of cobra N +. The tuner now offers a comprehensive refinement program for the new japanese sports car.

Components in the carbon look

To evaluate the body visually and aerodynamically, the designers develop various components in the carbon look. So there is a front spoiler, which is influenced in the air inlet of the series of serial. As a counter-piece, a diffuser insert with cutouts for the two tailpipes was developed for the serial tailgut. In addition, mirror housing and door sills are relevant in carbon optics.

Sporty 19-ZOLLER

In order to improve the driving behavior of the 370Z, a new wheel / tire combination with particularly light rims in 19 inches is roughly relevant. At the front, tires of the dimension 255/40 ZR 19 are raised, on the rear axle pneus of dimension 285/35 ZR 19 are used. With sports springs, the body of the 370Z can jerk around 30 millimeters to the asphalt. Alternatively, a threaded fire is offered, which allows a stepless lowering of between 20 and 40 millimeters. In addition, the steam of the chassis is adjustable.

Two 120-millimeter tailpipes

For better sound, more power and a spelled rear view has cobra N + stainless steel exhaust systems with two 120-millimeter terminal pipes in the program. Alternatively to conventional end silpvers, there is a variant with electronic flap control. According to cobra N +, the driver may be the sound of the 331 hp V6 motor over a radio remote control between "discreet sportiness" and "pure racingsound" regulate.

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