Vw: three to seven months delivery delays

The car purchase remains in many cases for volkswagen customers in many cases – because of the current problems with new exhaust tests partly even on vehicles with alternative drive types. For cars with hybrid and natural gas drive, no orders were currently accepted.

Previously, the world on sunday (edition of 5. August 2018) reported on the topic. The order stop with these drive types, according to volkswagen, according to model changes and technical changes together. Hybrid vehicles are expected to be ordered in 2019, natural gas cars already again in the fourth quarter of 2018, said a speaker.

On long delivery times from currently up to seven months, the speaker must provide buyers pure electric vehicles. He spoke of a "quite high demand", because of which already several times the capacities had been increased. "But of course we will continue to accept orders for E vehicles," said the speaker.

Volkswagen as well as other manufacturers do not currently create all vehicles certified according to the new exhaust test WLTP ("worldwide harmonized light vehicles test procedure"). In the case of VW, it is therefore expected to be 200 in 2007.000 to 250.000 cars are bottled or built in stock and delivered.

"We are expected to offer 30 to 50 percent fewer variants for three months," said volkswagen boss herbert this a few days ago. In total, more than 260 motor and transmission combinations have to be measured and released.

The association of the automotive industry (VDA) calculates according to june information that more than 500 approvals. Critics introduce the automakers, they had not reacted to the new location in time. The industry is responsible for the problems for the problems: the manufacturers had received the procedure description only before eleven months, "a relatively short period," criticized VDA prasident bernhard matte a few weeks ago. In addition, new particle limits have been adopted as otherwise as otherwise. "This helped with many manufacturers to gain gasoline engines in addition to a particle filter."

The EU had determined that kunftig is binding for consumption and emission quantities WLTP – with effect from 1. September 2018. In addition, a year will be a year later to the 1. September 2019 still a test binding, in which in driving on the strain is measured ("real driving emissions", RDE). For WLTP, it’s about a better picture of the actual consumption as well as pollutant and CO2 emissions. The introduction of the new exhaust gas legislation requires a changeover of the model range to ottoparticle filters and a new typing.

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