Water snake-related leica with rockstar attitude

Leica introduced the leica M-P set correspondent by lenny kravitz for kravitz design. Behind the bulky name hides a leica M-P, which was designed by the rockstar of the same name. The special edition is only available as a complete package, the set besides the camera the two lenses summicron-M 1: 2/35 mm ASPH and summilux-M1: 1.4 / 50 mm ASPH and a mab-made carrying case for safe transport of exquisite equipment. If you are the non-commitment recommended retail prices of leica MP (6920 euros, daily price in heise price comparison), the summicron-M 1: 2/35 mm ASPH (RRP 2850 euro, daily price (from 2750 €)) and the summilux-M1: 1 , 4/50 mm ASPH (RRP 3640 euro, daily price (from 3867 €)) added, one comes to a difference of around 9000 euros to the set.

Lenny kravitz and leica

Water snake-related Leica with Rockstar Attitude

lenny kravitz on the vernissage to his exhibition "flash". Under this name, a picture band has already been published in which he photographically hold his rockstar life.

For that many money you have no leica standard, but a lovingly by hand on old trimmed leica M-P. The camera already has the typical wear tracks on the factory, ie the typical vintage look that features a reporter camera in use on decades. By contrast, the water-snake loading, with the leica not only the camera, but also support straps, hand strap and the suitcase are subject to. The leather should come from sustainably used sources, the species protection should not be subject to reptiles. A hint: water snakes are used, for example, in gross-style sudostasies as cheap crocodile lining, in the case incurred in excess.

Signing traces can not only be found at the camera, but also to the lenses. The 1: 1.4 / 50 mm ASPH uses the design of its transaction from 1959. The vintage optics is reflected in the typical focusing ring of this time with broken margin, as well as at the also fine-made diaphragm ring.

The authenticity of the series results from the personal vita of the musician, details there are in the leica press message. In the tender age of 21, lenny kravitz had received a leicaflex from his father. Ruckblende: that was in 1985, when minolta was just involved with the autofocus one of the large revolutions in the SLR story. According to leica press message, this leicaflex should spark the passion of the musician for photography.

At the same time to the camera, the photo book flash appears at teneu, where kravitz presented his photographs of the public. According to teneues lenny kravitz was already fascinated by childhood by cameras, but he did not take them to take pictures but rather used to play. In recent years, friendly photographers had the artist then brought the foundations of photography. As rockstar, lenny kravitz brings a completely different angle to the world of stars and asterisks. If you are looking forward to the complete content from the book cover and the pictures released so far, the good man is particularly interested in photographers, paparazzi and fans who are all interested in him all for him.

The pictures are up to the 6. April 2015 in the leica gallery los angeles in the exhibition flash by lenny kravitz to admire. If you need more furnishing items with the lenny kravitz logo, a look at the website of its design made kravitz design is worthwhile. From the ceramic on seated plates to the inevitable swarovski crystals you will find everything that gives an upscale housing device the last whistle.

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