Islam serves as a projection surface and catalyst of clearishing

How to escape the conflict between antiracistic "funded anxiety" and racist "funded anxiety"?

Safe, somewhat distance to the action – and once again the temporal – is better than a premature, mostly distorting live sticker. That already offers the journalistic due diligence. However, those relativizing reactions that are currently inserting, however, double the gray of this silvestern night.

Numerous feminists, for example, rightly rightly go to the barricades and flexibly that those acts, who now excite the masses, have been criticized by them for ages and under the oktoberfest or carnival such actions to everyday life – a certainly undeniable fact whose appearance however, something suspicious at the present time is. The fear that racists could instrumentalize the reports on the origin of the supposed tatter for their hazeness is somehow lack of. However, to meet these concerns with relativations, however, a surrender of just those right populists as well as the violent mob equally.

It was allowed to have been shown to the genouses in recent times that with factual arguments is not to arrive against people who are no longer sure if it might be true that a escape is actually eating a child alive, for the much shipping lugen press to the quality medium will, if reported something that could be used in some ways of one’s own spirit or to be situated on my way in my way.

"Right to punishment"

In the TAZ, daniel bax is now criticizing the naming of the origin of the taders and refers to the press code, in which it is called in paragraph 12: "in the coverage of criminal offenses, the association of the suspicious or taders to religious, ethnic or other minorities is mentioned only if there is a fundamental non-complex contribution to the understanding of the reported operation. It is particularly important to note that the warning prejudices could protect against minorities." ames that the reference per se does not have to be.

And yet these attacks – despite inconsequential rape, sexual critics and other physicalities, to which it still comes – a new quality. It is the fact of the openity, which makes the comparison with the tahrir square undertaken by alice schwarzer with the tahrir platz. Public (tried) group rape or. -notifications have a meaning that goes beyond the criminal law, because in the audacity of those deeds, a gosouverman manifests, which is not even the private addiction to bust up his violence.

So little all the thousand present men have been involved in the actions, a room was created here, in which the crimes could take place and whereby investigations will be very difficult in retrospect. Especially the latter was also allowed to be of great importance for the embossed displays. Where the existing references to the "victim", which one has to be able to meet in the reporting is absolutely absurd. This suggests that you have now given the women especially a seemingly lost honor.

Instead, it had to be about to meet the fans, which hegel "right to punishment" named and whereby the subject status and thus also the possibility of the responsibility of the tatter is secured. This has been the embarrassed, albeit mediated, justice. Against a so-called "victim blaming" helps no sacrifice, but only the tader focus, at which in case of doubt, now also belongs that it is probably about manner with "north african" and "arab" phanotype traded.

"The almost unclear task is not to make himself stupid by the power of the other, nor his own fainting", wrote adorno. Otherwise you lead antiracist "charged hurt" against racist "charged hurt" in the field. But fear and is never a good guarantee of thinking. In this sense, those calls to self-judiciary, which are currently scattered by nazis, are equally to condemn and to convict as opposed to the rule of law against the constitutional state. However, with such criticism or declaration work, however, only to focus only in short-term lynchmobs or jungmannerrudel on grobevents, the everyday life of self-judiciary and ends in blind actionism.

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