Legal kiffen with cannabis fuser

Thc-centerdecker roger pertwee kept the previous drug policy for FUR and calls for a rethinking damage limitation

At the annual meeting of the british science association in birminghamer aston university, the neuropharmacologist roger perswee demanded that the sale of cannabis should be allowed. The exercise caused in british media among others therefore roughly sensational, because pertwee has been creating rapidly scientifically scientifically with cannabinoids for 40 years and there are few people in the world, whose knowledge is comparable to this group of materials and their effect on the human organism with the human organism.

Ideally, so the professor, cannabis should not be consumed to pleasure, but in practice showed itself in many decades that a ban did not work. The previous policy was failed on a whole line and a pity more than you use. You must be careful to limit the damage and try new ways. Even with alcohol, one had concluded that a regulated levy compared to an uncontrollable black market is the smaller ubel.

Percentive effects of cannabis on accurate persons wants to limit pertwee that a license is required not only for sellers, but also for consumers. Such a cannabis driver’s license should only be given after completion of the twenty-first year of life – and only if a physician examines the applicant and found no special pradis position for psychosis or schizophrenia. Mary brett, a spokeswoman of the organization europe against drugs (EURAD), was not satisfied with this protective loss against the daily mail and said it said "not possible" to predict how a person responds to taking cannabis.

For the levy, PERTWEE companies can imagine that their production subject to public supervision and establish brands where the consumer can be sure that they do not contain unwanted an extra. That you can survive the cannabis sales criminals "crazy". If you give the delivery instead into the hands of legal managers, then you can prevent demand from contacting with much more umbrella custoives when purchasing, as has so far the case.

In addition, the neuropharmial ackologist, the prohibition of cannabis also creates an incentive to produce artificial substitutes that can have unknown side effects that consumers expose themselves as unsuspecting trial canbars. An example of this is JWH-081, which docks to the cannabinoid receptors. Until such a substance finds its way into the bedding media lists, years of people could pass and many harmful precipitations.

He is therefore trimmed to segregate the cannabis active substance THC, that the state health service NHS can save millions of millions of millions of regulated delivery of cannabis each year. For this purpose, it was also helped that the cannabis should be given its proposal according to the form of cigarettes, but to evaporate for pulmonary dosage methods – for example as a sustainable pack, which minimize the output of carcinogenic and are already used in medical treatment.

In the british government, however, pertwees appeal does not seem to stob on open ears. A spokesman of the ministry of interior said the BBC that one believes that a decriminalization of cannabis was the right approach to the problem. In 2008, the labor minister of interior jacqui smith cannabis had even graduated from prohibition class C in prohibition class B, where amphetamines can be found, amphalized. The unauthorized possession of custodians from this class will be punished with up to five years, trade with up to 14 years of prison.

The new classification took place against the expert council of the advisory council on the misuse of drugs (ACMD). His chairman david nutt was released after criticizing that the british charaging policy is contrary to scientific findings (alcohol and nicotine are danger as LSD, ecstasy or cannabis). After the werne nutts, FUNF members of the advisory council acknowledged their cooperation. Nutt, a neuropharmacology professor at the london imperial college, said the guardian that pertwees put ahead of something reason in the debate. Because cannabis must have been less harmful than alcohol, the criminalization of consumers is not just "illogical", but also "unfair".

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