Masterpidemistry in the congo

Masterpidemistry in the Congo

Measles vaccine in muganga. Photo: julien harneiss. License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Who reports over 6.000 dead

According to the world health organization WHO, the current measles epidemic in the former belgian congo is now over 6.000 people died – over twice as much as the ebola epidemic, which so far 2.230 deathspeaker demanded. In addition, the measles epidemic in the congo of the WHO is now considered the one who spreads the rapidly worldwide. Since june 2019, 310.000 infection trap reported from all 26 provinces of the country.

In order to set up the spread, the WHO has started an emergency vacuum program in september, for which they are now investigating $ 40 million. However, the continuing and expansion of the program is not alone a matter of money: the congo is a failed state, in which it is not safe for doctors and nurses:

In the north, the islamists of madinat al-tawhid wal muwahedeen follow (see. Is spread in africa), in the east, hutu and tutsi militien continued conflicts from rwanda and burundi (cf. German politicians "mental aid" guilty when they praise the YPG or the opposition in venezuela?) and in the suds, luba revitalization movements provide for chaos (cf. Luba rebels believe in invincibility magic through blood drinking and congo: pygmaen against bantu).

Worldwide increase

According to the world health organization WHO, the number of measles infections rises, which since the development of a vaccine in 1963 was on the move for three years. Not only in failed states such as the congo, but also in welfare nations such as the united konigreich (cf. Principle "silent post" or why discussions with vaccine objects are meaningless, the invisible super dictatorship and what vaccinations really convinced).

Especially devastating was an epidemic on the sudseinsel samoa, which was brought under control until the end of the year. Although only 81 people died in absolute numbers – but relatively seen is a rough proportion of only 200.000 head paying inhabitants than the measles in the congo populated by 85 million people demanded so far.

The fact that the measles did not survive, as a percentage, it is not as frequently before as creutzfeldt-jakob (100 percent) or ebola (83 to 90 percent), but is in absolute terms measured in view of the former frequency of the very contagious disease too not to be neglected: before there was the vaccination for this, the WHO estimates, after each year, died about two and a half million people.

The measles virus influences the human immune system over a longest period of time. As a result, measles are repeatedly accompanied by other infectious diseases such as brain hours, pulmonary hours or middle ear lusts. Particularly duperary, if parents are not only vaccine opponents, but the scientifically sound medicine so very mistrust that they also cleave alternative medicines in the treatment of these diseases (see. Dangerous belief).

German vaccination obligation applies from marz

From germany, the robert koch institute were reported between january and november 2019 501 measles infection trap – slightly less than the 528 of 2018. In previous years there was between 165 and 2.465 registered trap. The german federal minister of health jens spahn therefore has one with up to 2 in november.500 euro bubbeld reinforced measles vaccinations for children in children’s journals, the staff, schuler, teachers, doctors, sisters, caregivers and asylum seekers enforced in joint engines (cf. Bundestag declined measles vaccinations).

This vaccination obligation applies to children who do not yet visit children’s day or school from the 1. Marz 2020. Parents whose children have already been included in such a facility can be used with the vaccine statements up to a maximum of 31. Let july 2021. With the control of compliance with this vaccination obligation, spahn has commissioned the health officer. In addition, he encouraged them to offer series vaccinations together with the health insurance companies, with their help in 20. Century the smallpox and crashed the children’s planning clearly (cf. Polio outbreak in ukraine).

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