More online advertising, but falling revenue per advertisement

The blame is the increase in websites

According to their clarified report on the situation of online advertising, adknowledge found for the year 1998 that a continuously growing number of websites of all kinds will look for advertising. From december 1997 to december 1998, the websites aimed at business by advertising should have grown by 38 percent. One third of the sites relied in 1998 offer classified ads or shopping.

But with the propagation of websites looking for advertising, the competitive prere is apparently increasing. The revenues that achieve websites with advertising, sink continuously. Tost an advertisement in december 1997 an average of 37.21 US dollars, only $ 35.12 in the end of 1998, which is a decrease by 6 percent. Only in the computer / technology divisions and shopping / transactions increased advertising expenditure. Kevin wandryk from adknowledge believes that the exhausting trend will continue through the steadily growing number of websites. At the beginning, the online advertisement was often cheap or was only exchanged because the medium was new, then the profit-breaking of the upcoming web will now be rendered by a superpoint of advertising bursting on the worldwide market.

Wired speaks of a consolidation in view of this trend, which simply means that the small websites will have it even harder to achieve the ongoing advertising. The prices do not fall from all websites. Anyone who has a many million going audience, but above all, who collects data about the visitors and passes them to the companies, apparently expect rising advertising revenue. Even smaller websites that possess an interesting, precisely limited customer group will flourish because they are interesting for companies. "If you can not show any specific target audience", so andrea williams by volpe brown whelan, "will go against bad times."

On the other hand, more and more money inn is being invested online advertising. After the 2008 report of the internet advertising bureau for the second quarter of last year, the advertising expenditure in the WEB opposes 1997, the advertising expenditure grew by a total of 97 percent to 423 million US dollars. The web more and more closer to the traditional media. The increasing advertising expenses were also talked for the vitalat of a medium that is becoming more and more important by the rough companies.

Banner advertising is far in the foreground. You have the advantage of who those who call a website do not have to wait too. Who confronts the interested parties with all-to-length load times, risks that they run away. Powered has a rough between 10 and 12 KB, because bandwidth and time still dominate in the web – very much to the chagrin of some companies and, above all, advertising agencies that would like to work more with video, sound or animation. However, a new trend is, "rich media advertising" to make with more KBS so that she is loading faster or that the interested parties do not come to another website when clicking on. For example, unicast offers a method that advertising appears until the page is uploaded, while IBMS hotmedia stores the architecture of the fat advertisements on the browser so that the individual advertisements come after this unique uploading.

So the golden time of advertising is not opened thanks to technical obstacles and the rejection of the users. But if the bandwidth no problem should be more and everything will jump on the screen only in second fractions, the other – not but probably the phase of consolidation, which is similar as in the world of old media.

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