N26: penalty interest rates for credit from 50.000 euro

N26: Criminal interest rates for credit from 50,000 euros

If you open an account at digitalbank N26, you will have to expect penalty interests with gross credits from november: with more than 50.000 euro will be a sentence of 0.5 percent per year. This is apparent from the overworked general business conditions and a reference to the homepage. Excluded is the premium account model "metal". First, the fiscal BLOG financial scene had reported on the new fee.

Unusual for direct bank

Apparely, the maaking is according to the finance scene.DE in itself – many branch banks therefore require penalty interests for deposits on giro and other accounts. However, the limit is always at 100.000 euro and more. In addition, most direct banks have not raised a comparable fee, the comdirect only from 250.000 EURO.

According to persons from the business environment, which is opposite to the financial scene.De exerted, it is supposed to give two basics for the maaking: since N26 does not operate extensive credit price, the bank can not do much with coarse deposits. In addition, the house is to plan a daily money account with positive interest rate. With penal interests, customers with coarse credit have been incentive to bring their money to such an account. This is especially true if this account is offered in cooperation with a partner. In this case, N26 was able to receive a commission.

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