Orange fur new york, washington and newark

Even with the new terror warnings of the bush government, it is hard to distinguish whether it is a real threat or once again a strategy of fear policy

Yesterday, the home guardian minister tom ridge once again pronounced a terror warning. In contrast to earlier warnings, the notes are extremely concrete. As the terror warning concerns some buildings of financial institutions in new york, the warning level was not nationwide, but only in new york increased (yellow) too high (orange). However, as in the past, however, the impression will not start that the terror’s warning warnings sent by the US government (osama is back!) at least also pursue a political purpose.

Homemeral minister of ridge gives the warning from terror impact on financial institutions

Above all, it is above all that the information should be due not only to an alleged al-qaeda member, which should have been captured in pakistan in mid-july, but also that the plans have been planned before the 11.9. Started, followed by the building of the international monetary fund and the world bank in washington, the prudential financial in newark and the new york stock exchange and the citigroup center in new york. There were explorations of the building have been carried out, but whether or why these years old tarpaulins are in some way current, is not said. A temporal setting for the planned connection is not mentioned, which is why the question asks why the warning level has just been increased. Any suspicious activities in the US have not discovered.

One reason could be that americans are less and less impressed by the increased warning level under which they had to live for two years. Never was she reduced, only occasionally increased, sometimes not, although allegedly more concrete instructions were concerning planned connection. Criticism became louder on the handling of this instrument that not only the pravention, but also the panicmaking can serve. It was therefore strategically smart to locate the terror warning and make this exactly where people could be the most recent for dafur, namely in washington and new york. Ridge explained exemplary that there are no times for the connection, apart from the period up to the elections. But it was already spoken of it, for example, as the first preliminary to explore, to explore whether it is politically enforceable goods to postpone the elections in a terrorist attack (stop on the democratic process).

Homewater minister of ridge uses the opportunity to barely find in view of this "quality of these findings based on many reporting troughs in many places", people continue to call up and insure upheld alertness that everything will be done to prevent the subsequent. Also be "this type of information" a "result of the driving company of the prasident in the war against terror". Offensive intelligence operations and military interventions abroad and partnerships with the bonds like pakistan had allowed this.

Code Orange for New York, Washington and Newark

This justification of the controversial components of bush policy, along with the support of pakistan, sounds very much according to the election campaign, especially since the warning was pronounced immediately after the congress of democrats and before the end of august in new york of the republican party congress. So here is the appropriate atmosphere shortly before the third anniversary of the connection of the 11.9. Be created, which also allows for periodic safety precautions and well-wishes of demonstration law?

WE are deploying a full array of counterterrorism resources. We will spare no expense, and we will take no chances. We will be watching and protecting the city through never-ending vigilance.

New yorks burgermeister michael bloomberg

So far, at least it does not seem to be known if the al-qaeda member of muhammad naeem noor khan arrested in pakistan was taken up by which the new information is to be taken up together with ghailani, which is known to be on a request of the US government for the congress the democrats of pakistan was delivered and roughly, the coverage of the congress of the party congratable media echo produced (timely delivery of a top terrorist ordered by the US government). The 25-year khan or "abu talha" will be described as a representative of the "new al-qaeda", a busy, educated and well-equipped young man who speaks english english. Whether he betrayed the information with or without torture is currently not topic, especially since he allegedly arrested in the far away pakistan with the help of the CIA and probably then with their "help" horrified. In any case, in the documents found by him, it has given detailed exploration of the attack targets, for example, how to get into the building, where surveillance cameras are located, how many people are looking at which times in them, what schools, police stations or fire brigade arrangements like much explosive or if a tanker carriage is a suitable stop weapon.

Khan also given important insights into the communication system of al-qaeda. So websites and e-mail addresses were used in turkey, nigeria or pakistan. Couriers have been briefing letters with instructions from the al qaeda bosses looking for the borderlands to the attachments in pakistan. Khan had posted her on the internet or another sent via e-mail. After khan successes the coarse part of the communication now over the internet. If a message has been sent and received, the entire communication will be deleted. E-mail addresses were only used a few times. Of course he was also asked where osama bin laden or ayman al-zawahiri. But that, so khan, did not even know the highest al qaeda commanders.

Code Orange for New York, Washington and Newark

The kerry camp weib not really, in the face of terror warning, how to behave. Susan rice. A counselor of kerry, said the warning shows how the US is still in place. But the nation does not let oneself split and steal together. You will destroy al-qaeda. Howard dean, on the other hand, the failed democratic prasidential applicant, eludes that since the 11.9. Prevailing so-and believe that every time it is not an good hour for prasident bush, he his "trump card, which is terrorism, plays out". It should not be distinguishable, what is real at the terror warning and what is political.

The democratic senator joe liebermann called such insights as "deterrent". And the republican senator mcconnell convicted deans mistrust with one after all the chess poaching to the iraq war, argument "eyberst cynical":

Finally, the prasident of the prasident, even if he applies to re-election. And I do not think the american people believe that the man who drives us so effectively in the war against terror. Was politicize that.

The two south park-maker trey parker and matt stone, briefly take a movie with the title team america: world police in the cinemas in november. The theme is the war against terror – and the characters are puppets. The war against the terror and well-known media prominents are taken in their balancing arms. One voice says in the trailer who was just published:

WE live in A time of unparalleled danger. Weapons of mass destruction ARE being offered to terrorists all over the world. Global chaos is about to consume every country on earth. And is only one hope for humanity.

Code Orange for New York, Washington and Newark

A boser dictator with north korean cling provides weapons of weapons of terrorists. Under the lead of a broadway star then a team turns on to get the bose worldwide and save civilization. Apparently you are not amused in the woman’s house. A bush consultant should have said that terrorism really is not funny. However, the film is obviously less the bush government than the government opposition and people like michael moore funny.

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