Problems with neo-nazi domain

According to criticism, the domain heil-hitler.DE although deleted by denic, but quickly released again and again

There is always a lot of sharp proceedings against right violence and civil courage. Celebrities are always good anyway in a company driven by the attention concomity and should now be part of a covenant "face", the one "overall german burger initiative" should be mobile against the right-wing radical hordes. Sometimes is too "only" inattention in the game. However, they can then have system again, as is the case of the domain heil-hitler.DE shows.

Attentionocomic may be expected that the right-wing extremists are currently in scene, after the media and politicians have discovered the topic and powerful goals. Unfortunately, this makes it all attractive just attractive, which should actually be evaporated as a problem. Silence and looking away is not a means of course. A dilemma.

Whether it was a civil courage or just attention, so was on the 5.8th. From a strato member n. Reported in the group customers in the forum: "nazi domains at strato – please check". When researching is n. On the domain www.Hail hitler.De. "Everyone was going to be a little better if my domain is not hosted next to such one", writes n. And stresses that this is not directed against strato, because you do not have to look at every domain.

Then another strato member wrise., that now right back "witch hunt" let go, he "discover neither a bit criminal, nor something about the terms and conditions" KONNE: "were even more schoner if a provider could simply lock as sites, just because they do not fit something like that." that was w. But then obviously embarrassed, especially since he was sharply attacked, which is why he has changed his entry accordingly, which did not use anything, since others in the forum had copied his entry in their comment.

Thank god, you have to say, W. The only black sheep. Other members in the customer forum threatened with legal steps and the alerting of the media. A strato employee did not act, but only sought to calm down: "I have given the matter to the legal department this afternoon for the afternoon." at 6.8th. Was the domain still on the net, it’s also sunday. But there was another one, hosted by strato, if empty domain discovered: hitler-adolf.De. The operator of the "hail hitler.De"-website also seems to have reduced the content on sunday and led the bsuchers only to a different website that is dedicated to the topic of revisionism, short: the denial of the holocaust.

A certain R. K. From D. Had on 3. August the domain heil-hitler-de secured what is still on monday, the 7. August was to be seen on the denic database until you responded to strato and then at DENIC on the contested hosting of the neo-nazi domain and the awarding of such domains. In the afternoon at least at least the domain at denic at least was not blocked, but free again, and when I looked in the evening at 11 pm on the same day again in the database, someone had found himself again – a J.C.P. From hamburg – who again the domain over WWW.WWW-DISCOUNT.De for registering could not happen as a commodity.

While strato says, there is no legal foundation for refusing the hosting of these and similar addresses, one sees this obviously at denic a little different: "since the domain name is obviously criminal law irrigated and thus can not be registered after the registry regulations." strato only have the domains "from pietal grids and to avoid abuse" taken from the net (right-wing internet domains only registered, then lolled)

Denic tries to keep every guilt away from himself for such things. The checking of each domain name is not possible with the coarse amount of registrations. A program can only be done with the providers themselves.

However, one could still imagine that denic, if ever the "criminal law" a domain name snapped and the registration was lolled, then you also make sure that you can not be reordered again, as just happen. That’s a scandal. Incidentally, from which reasons is, a person who is otherwise taped in the online lottery industry and has a publisher new media, the domain hitler-adolf.DE (on the 29. June) and another, the former state chairman of the republicans of north rhine-westphalia, on the 6. June adolf-hitler.DE (and otherwise many other like heinrich himmler.De) secured – at denic.

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