The pirate religion spreads – just not in germany

At the end of 2011, the copious church was officially recognized in sweden as a religion, now it should also be spread in the US and other countries by copying and institutionalized as a church

In sweden, the pirates were created around pirate bay, but politically they did not make a real breakthrough, even though two pirates in the european chamilament were. In germany, however, in germany, the pirate party is still celebrating a success after another, she moves into the landing days and the number of members gradually. Perhaps in the absence of a successful political party, a pirate religion spreads in other countries and should be grounded new churches: the copimism church or the missionary church of kopimism in uppsala. In germany there is so far only one unofficial, private website.

In the swedish uppsala, the philosophy student of isak gerson, which is grounded in the swedish jungpiraten, founded the church missionerande kopimistic fundet together with other members of the pirate party. Kopimi is a translation of the top bid "copy me". And gersonnongen also achieved a success of a medial echo, as the religion charged by him was officially recognized at the end of 2011 in sweden after several starts. Since then, the number of members should have risen sharply and have more than 3000.

It should not stay, because it is a religion with mission order. So far, some trend worldwide have found that websites have set up for the new church and want to demand their recognition – the template was copied flammed or more fully according to regulations and partially translated. Finally, the principle of the new religion is to copy the sacred obligation. The representatives and commuters of copyright – "copyright credo" – if only the knowledge, while the new religion demands the unconditional access to all manufactured information. Holy should be the knowledge, the search for knowledge and circulation of knowledge, because the meaning of life "in copying, spread and mixing information" lounger. Therefore, copy becomespaste to the sacrament or at least a ritual, which is to be implemented continuously, and also the uncensored and unregulated internet as an indispensable means of digital copying is sacred.

In the US, the student christopher carmean has so far founded an offshoot in illinois, where the new religion could be registered. 450 people had already been expressed as an appendant, actively copying cultivating cultures – kopyacting – are the 30. The US church reason now wants to seek to acknowledge the copimism religion nationwide. Like other fundamentalists, laws of a democratic constitutional state are not much for him. If you do not align thirst alone to urge the laws to protect intellectual property, he says. Laws can also be ignored and the people independently of the laws strengthen, disseminate information.

The trail of the church can be used, as always when new sects or religions arise, threatened. Since they undermine the laws to protect intellectual property, they were persecuted and underruck. Although the criticism of the laws that prohibit or prevent analog and digital covering. Clasp but is necessary in repressive states, "in order to complete the service and pastoral activities unsteaded and without threat to the safety of credo". But then you copy behind locked treatments and injures the principles of religion. But that’s what happens when visions arrive in the realitat, that was and is not different in the gross churches.

The "copy freedom" of course, not only numerous internet users or pirated copiers have been implemented, but also became the basis of business markers who have tried out or tried how far they can go, and the popular means of schoolers, students, doctoral students and other spiritual or cultural producers. Here, however, this cultural practice of the digital era was not decreased or sanctified, but also practiced klammese.

Life is copying

The church of kopimism is a dadaist attack on the bourgeoic property company and continues to be well maintained and protected religions. The idea is a little devilish. If one could achieve the copimism as religion and as a church socially, then the guaranteed religious freedom also had to legitimize the rituals, so also the free copying of everything and everyone. This can not work in states in which religion and state are separate, so that copimism as a religion actually had to seek a religious state, which in turn could not be a worship state, as this religious fundamentalists with reference to a literally understanding book of god striving, but a state based on natural evolutionary laws. The representatives of the copy church do not want to relate to gods or over the portions, but represent a natural order. They relate to life that was created with the elementary possibility of reproduction of the DNA, the basic information unit: "reproduction is the original condition for cell division and for life, as we know it."

That’s already intended and dared, but there was also permanently struggle in evolution to secure the reproduction and to ward off porn copiers such as viruses or cancer cells. Sexuality, for example, has been an evolutionary invention to survive the bacterial pirate coupling, ie the circulation of information egoistist for the species. In addition, the reading and copying at the level of cells in multicellular creatures is strictly regulated, wild copy or more exchanges of genes can only be found in bacteria. So it is not so easy with the evolutionary religion of copying, even if copying in principle, of course "fundamentally for life" is.

But the "church" the copier also has an explicit missionary order, by name, to swap permanently information – "to the joy of everyone". No one should be excluded, everyone should have access to all information, all distribute the information or knowledge, where information and knowledge are not the same selfly. Although you can copy and exchange information without understanding them or to have a knowledge of them, but a knowledge requires information and understanding information, the pure access to information is not sufficient for the training of knowledge.

"Copy is generated"

However, the generation of information is a little short. Serve as the foundation languages, they were shown that the spread of culture with the creative. If language and culture are not widespread, they became useless. So you end up with the beliefs: "copy is generated. To create something is copying. That something out of nothing emerges is an absurd idea."

Oh yes, there is also a symbol for the new church: a pyramid with a C (for copy) or a K (for copiera). However, one is so free that everyone can copy, create and remixes other symbols. Also important is "ctrl C + ctrl V" or the saying (blessing?): "copy and seed". And the holy places are basically furnishable everywhere "interaction points", but not survivors of the church are monitored. And how to get a kopimist? Quite simply: you send your name to the church via email, while you are copying a symbol of the church. The recording ritual" is then probably too fished, so that there is also another proposal: whoever coordinates with the values and goals of the church, has already been included in the church and may already call kopimist.

So why there is no copimism church in germany? Are the members of the pirate party only a concealed missionary board for the religion of free copying? Should they create the basis of strongly sacularized states to introduce later to the copimism god? Or is the pirate party a secular substitute for a church that is a snapside or a philosophical but not a political student project anyway?

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