“The spanish government has to go to the negotiating table”

Barcelona, supreme court of catalonia. Photo: ralf stretch

His erratic strategy has guessed government sanchez in an even more difficult situation. Interview with the president of the catalan parliament, roger torrent

The spanish social democrat pedro sanchez has a problem. In the erroneous and completely unfounded hope that, after renewed new elections, government formation becomes easier and he did not depend on catalonia voices, he had enveloped the country in the fourth elections in just four years. From this nothing became, sanchez drove against the wall.

And that has made his situation much more difficult. Now his new repression strategy burdens his new start to become a head of government. Thus, processes against catalans such as the roger torrent against the catalan parliamentary spells (see below) – now still greater stumbling blocks for a government formation.

Badge of a procedure situation is also the process against the catalan government quim torra, who started on monday at the supreme court of catalonia. For the first time, an exemplary catalan prasident is present in front of the spanish judiciary. The almost "normal" is: the last three prasides were persecuted by the judiciary and 10 out of 12 catalan prasides in the last 100 years were charged, imprisoned, had to go to exile or were murdered.

Specifically, the ministry of prosecutor’s office casts torra "disobedience" against the central election work (jec). He has yellow loops, catalan flags and a transparent for the advanced new elections in april "freedom of political prisoners" not removed from government buildings as the JEC required.

Torra sees it injured in the freedom of expression, never loving the party-engraving symbols, which are also used by independent opponents, but slightly late. Despite everything, he should be a ban on office of 20 months and a fine of 30.Get 000 euros. The equivalent claim, presented by the right-wing extremes VOX, even calls for two years imprisonment and a fine of 70.000 EURO.

"I will not defend myself, but attack the state because the rights of all catalans were injured", torra said. Countless people, including virtually all members of the government, have accompanied him to the court of barcelona. He only did his duty and the "rights and freedoms" the population defended.

In the process he and his defenders demand the "nullity" of the procedure. The defense also demanded the suspension so that the members of the electoral council can be pre-charged. Torra was astonished about the procedure, because views that jec members had committed legal dust and the contest of their controversial decisions has not been decided yet. And that it does not approach in the election council with right things, is known. Irrised decisions were even cashed from the spanish judiciary.

The procedures against torra, torrent and many other politicians are now crucial for government formation. That behind them is a political strategy, sanchez had not made clear only. After his vice-prime minister carmen calvo had previously been open to belgium with reprisals, when the land did not deliver the exile -prasident carles puigdemont, sanchez had explained, his government instructed the staatanwalth to ie the european arrest warrant against him.

"Who depends on the prosecutor", he asked the interviewer. "Yes, she depends on the government", gave the back. "You have it", sanchez clearly made who stand behind these procedures.

That sanchez is now a preliminary agreement in 48 hours after the elections "unidas podemos" (UP) has closed to form a coalition government for the first time, nothing at the even more difficult government formation. A coalition he had previously rejected half a year, though he had gotten her much easier. After the elections in april psoe and UP were still on 165 seats. Now they are significantly further away from a stable majority of 176 with 155.

Sanchez got the votes of the republican left (ERC) so far without any consideration, the ERC is because of the sustained repression to no of torras "together for catalonia" (JXCAT) swivened, as torrent confirmed in the telepolis conversation. Finally, the ERC boss and other politicians has been in charge of up to 13 years "revolt" sentenced to recognize the courts in germany, belgium, great britain and switzerland.

ERC and JXCAT now call together negotiations on the solution of the conflict, in particular an independence in the scottish role model. The fact that the UN working group for will curious detention and the human rights organization amnesty international also demand the freedom of political prisoners does not facilitate government formation.

However, in sanchez party, significant voices are loud, the "open and honest negotiations" demand at which "all alternatives" get on the table. The explained of the former PSOE boss and ex-government leader jose luis rodriguez zapatero. To dialogue it "no alternative".

Right party barons are further against every dialogue. They also turn against a coalition government with up. You want a rough coalition with the right folk party (PP), which now puts in the room. "We appeal to the PSOE, not to sanchez, but to the reasonable PSOE, which has rejected such agreement two years ago, sanchez now sold as unauthorized." the clarified of the PP-fuhrer jaime de olano on the weekend, a close familiar of party feet pablo casado. It is destroyed to a rebellion in the PSOE, with which sanchez had been toted three years ago.

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