Uk: cash for police dna analysis

"Genetic fingerprints" of all those who come into conflict with the law, should be clarified

Prime minister tony blair experienced in the context of a yesterday’s maaking packaging package to release an extra budget of 109 million pounds for those inventive DNA samples of persons accused of a crime and arrested. To the already existing 940.00 so-called "genetic fingerprints" in the database of the police, three million other DNA samples should be added by 2003 by 2003.

All should now be detected, which are arrested because of a criminal act. That ranges from shoplifting to heavy crimes like murder. In the case of a later acquittal, however, the records should be deleted. But burger right groups like liberty criticize the proposal u.A. Therefore, because the number of unlawful records has been increased. Liberty already accuses the forensic science laboratory now at least 50.To keep 000 DNA samples illegally. This is a clear violation of the right to protect the privacy.

The prime minister was already secured against such attacks. "I think the burger right question is out of place here," he said in the idea of the maaking on wednesday, "this is about technology for crime fighting". This attitude ensures a major britain a pioneering role of a special kind, such as the use of monitoring cameras in public space.

The envision is evaluated as an opening of the race campaign of the parliamentary elections taken in the year of the year of the year. The conservative opposition under william hague had gained in july in some opinion polls after hague had made an ultra-color line in crime and asylum ies. Internal memos of the labor government, which were leaked by unknown side to the media, warned new labour before being seen too much to be seen against criminals. With the new offensive at the end of augustour vacation, the government now wants to rub the initiative in itself, also in the face of rising criminal titat statistics. At the same time with the increase of the budget for the inventive DNA samples, the recruitment 9,000 additional police officers was exploited.

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