Steve jobs as a literature student: application letter will be auctioned again

Steve Jobs as a literature student: Application letter will be auctioned again

An old handwritten application letter – with a signature – by apple-grunder steve jobs comes again under the hammer, now apparently as a result of a show of a show. In 2018, the document was last auctioned and achieved a price of 175.000 US dollars, as the auctioneer notified. The one-sided leaf is in "very good condition" with just light wrinkles and stains and an old transparent adhesive strip at the upper edge.

Steve jobs with 18

The job writing of jobs dealt in an online action had previously been auctioned in 2018, at that time the auction encompassed a mac-OS X manual signed by jobs as well as a newspaper section signed by him, which is also signed by it.

Steve jobs: application letter and autographs

Steve Jobs as a literature student: Application letter will be auctioned again

the letter of application fulled steve jobs 1973 with 18 out – three years before the reason of apple.


Apple car: team should rewind cooperation with korean manufacturers

Apple Car: Team should rewind cooperation with Korean manufacturers

Apple obviously tries again to be a production partner for "apple car" to find in sudkorea. This time it seems to be a supplier, especially the group visited by a specifically deputy team, it is called in several media reports from asia.

The taiwan appears digitimes reports that the emissons from cupertino have met with LG and the SK group among other things. LG produces, among other things, batteries for E cars, but also components such as chips and displays. The SK group is in turn a far-branched group, which is also tiger as a car supplier.

Suppliers for batteries and car parts

Sense of the exercise is obviously to build a supply chain for apple’s first E-car, which (part) should be autonomous on the road. The group is actively involved in looking for suppliers and important business partners for the project. In a further message in the korea times homes again, apple is specific in search of partners from the electric car scene. Without sudkorean companies, the business plan should not be implemented. The talks seem to commute between a breakfast and an advanced stage, won it on. Among other things, it should go to the production of lithium iron phosphate batteries.


Apple notes in ios 15: incompatibility with older versions expected

Apple notes in ios 15: incompatibility with older versions expected

The feature enhancement of the notes app in ios 15, ipados 15 and macos 12 may cause problems in older versions of the operating systems: as soon as keywords (#tags) are added to a note, it apparently cannot be displayed longer with older versions of the app. The restriction also applies to the new @mentions, which can be used to contact other users of a shared note.

Notes disappear from older versions

The youngest versions of ios and ipados 14 (from 14.5) and macos big sur (as of version 11.3) lacks the new tag and mentions features, but is still able to open and display notes in apple’s pre-installed app, as developers report. The keywords are simply listed in the text; the option of sorting notes by keyword is only available from ios 15 onwards. However, on older hardware or when remaining on older operating system versions, such notes are hidden.

In the future, this will be problematic for users who, for example, still use an iphone or ipad with ios 12 or a mac that cannot be updated to at least macos 11 big sur.


Apple: macs and ipads should not merge

Apple: Macs and iPads should not merge

Apple insists not to have no plan to summarize ipads and macs – respectively ipados and macos. Speculation about a merge of the two platforms did not meet the realitat, now emphasized two apple managers in an interview. Instead, you want to continue working on offering the prolonged product in its respective category.

That apple’s scales of artic barrier, so you "do not kick each other’s fountain", may be "very untrue", so apple’s new hardware development leader john ternus opposite the independent. Customers have opted for the appropriate category or simply use both of their own workflows each. It gives "no rough conspiracy to eliminate the two categories and to make one", apple’s marketing chief greg joswiak attributed to the newspaper.

Apple’s professional apps are missing on the ipad

The question of the most missing professional applications such as xcode and final cut pro still did not want to answer apple. The tablets were practically offered a performance that is not yet used, so joswiak in the interview. Third-party developers should benefit as well as customers, because there are still "air upward" have, be more durable and not already when buying obsolete.


Ipados restriction: apps can not fully use the memory of the ipad pro

IPados restriction: Apps can not fully use the memory of the iPad Pro

Programs can be used on the ipad pro 2021 obviously to a maximum of 5.1 GB of memory – even on the more expensive models with 16 GB of RAM. The professional mal-app procreate has received a compatibility update for the new ipad pro with M1-chip at night on friday. After specifying the developers, the app now runs up to 4 times faster on the new ipads and also supports more levels. Users: inside, however, had been exhausted that on the ipads with 16 GB of memory no more levels can be used in the mal-app than in the cheaper models with 8 GB of RAM.

Currently, the same limited memory is available on both M1 ipads, it is called the developer savage – as soon as you can access more, you will implement this accordingly.

At 5 GB of RAM is supposedly over

The developer of the mal-app artstudio pro explained, it gives "a rough problem" with the M1 ipad: you have found out for stress tests that exactly 5.1 GB of memory can be assigned, then storm an app, both in the current version ipados 14.6 and the beta of ipados 14.7. Whether apple wants to cancel the limit with ipados 15, remains open for the time being.


Intel end at apple allegedly due to skylake bugs

Intel end at Apple allegedly due to skylake bugs

Apple’s transition to the mac towards self-developed ARM processors has been colensioned in the broken cheese for years. But what ultimately gave the rash, really to go this is quite radical step, the group still retained for itself.

A fruher intel staff now speculates that the chipriese himself was not entirely in innocent. Click to the magazine PC gamer said francois piednoel, former processoring engineer at intel, especially problems with the skylake architecture had annoyed apple and ultimately driven to really go the arm step.

Apple finds so many mistakes like intel

The insider claims to be the quality arance at skylake "more than a problem" been and the bugs "abnorm". Nobody has reported so many problems with the architecture "like our buddy at apple". And if "A customer almost so many bugs with you finds like you, then that does not lead to the right place", so piednoel, who could observe the situation three years ago before he had left intel himself.


Save electricity on iphone, macbook and at home in the podcast of mac i

Save electricity on iPhone, MacBook and at home in the podcast of Mac  amp; I

How to extend the battery life of iphone and macbook? And how do you cut the power consumption of electrical advantages in the home office? These questions answer the mac I editors wolfgang reszel and sebastian trepesch in conversation with the colleague johannes schuster.

The editors gives tips and suggestions to a whole range of questions, for example: what role does the display brightness play? What do you have to pay attention to OLED screens? How to use the power saving mode to save energy? What brings the shutdown of turbo boost and dedicated graphics chip? And how do you get power residues in the household on the track?

More about the topics can be found in the current notebook of mac I in three articles. Long work with the macbook, so keep iphone and ipad long through and power consumption: save money in home office.