E-mobilitat on the caravan salon 2018

E-mobilitat on the caravan salon 2018

80 kwh battery capacity, two electric motors with 40 kw each power and 470 nm torque. What appeals like the data sheet of a respectable electric car is that of a caravan: dethleffs has the E at the caravan salon in dusseldorf.Home coco introduced. A study that really makes sense in the event of a closer look. Furs drive, camps and even at home.

Actually, the world of caravan is conservative. Some established manufacturers determine the market whose innovations are reflected on changing materials in the interior and more and more comfort features. The energy for heating and hob comes from gas cylinders. With electricity only the refrigerator is supplied and, if available, the air conditioning. And that, although almost every european campsite on the well-known 16-ampere connections have. For motorhomes that stand somewhere every day, network-independent off-grid solutions can be interesting – in caravans, which are the same place for a week or a whole season, that is not necessary.

Reduction of the strike load

The concept of dethleffs E is from this basic idea.Home coco out. The benefit of the electric drive and the memory is varied and starts at the exit: cars with low strike load can with this support pull a heavy caravan. The powered axis of E.Home coco can minimize the necessary attachment load. For example, on only 100 kilograms, dethleffs says. Such a strong reduction does not have to be in reality. But maybe with a simple volkswagen golf variant caravan can be safely pulled, weighing two tons. In addition, a conceivable battery electrical towing vehicle increases the range.


Expert opinion: car toll violates eu law

The plans of german transport minister alexander dobrindt (CSU) for a passenger car toll violate EU law, according to the bundestag’s scientific service. Dobrindt’s concept would lead to "indirect discrimination against union citizens" in several cases, according to the 23-page legal study, which was made available to the news agency dpa . First the bild am sonntag and spiegel reported about it. The ministry of transport accused the author of the report of making mistakes – the draft law would clearly be in conformity with european law.

Dobrindt wants to introduce a compulsory vignette on all german roads. The bottom line is that the additional revenue will only come from foreign drivers. Domestic car owners are to be fully relieved of the burden of the toll via the motor vehicle tax. Although the tax relief should formally be decided separately, "both measures must be considered together," according to the bundestag report commissioned by SPD member of parliament johannes fechner.

The author sees in the coupling a discrimination of other EU citizens. Also the planned structure of the vignettenpreise was according to the investigation against european union right verstoben. The prices for annual vignettes for domestic cars were to be graded according to environmental friendliness, engine capacity and year of registration, but not for foreign cars. This would mean that a foreign driver of a gasoline vehicle would have to pay a uniform 103.04 euros, while the owner of, for example, a VW polo registered in germany would pay 1.2 TSI but only 24 euros – by which the motor vehicle tax would then also fall.


Driving report: honda nc750s with dkg

Driving report: honda nc750s with dkg

She is no longer baptized, the honda NC750 S DCT, but after several updates still on the high of the time. Highest practical is still the "tank trappe" with coarse storage compartment. For a two-day excursion with accommodation, the loose, for stowage of deep cool pizza, less, although the underlying engine only heats mildly. For the last coarse review, the NC under others got a more compact end sound steamer, LED lighting and additional sports programs for the dual-clutch transmission.

At first get to know each other, I thought the NC is already a quite ship with its 227 kg (with manual circuit 217 kg). Practically, she fits more easily: through the tank deep under the bench and the twin with almost lying cylinders, the focus is low. Shunting and pushing do not make too coarse. Incidentally, two stable handles help next to the bench, which are as practical as the whole NC. Drug – fits, also because of the relatively low seat of 790 mm.

Works easy

Maybe the cleverly distributed weight also contributes to a stable driving impression, but it is more likely to be rather at the not surprised in the direction of handiness geometry and the successful spring steamer vote. If the fork, at best, speaks minimally uneasily when high-frequency stress, but otherwise processes transverse joints and poorly patched straws. Even more impressed me the back suspension strut, whose malposition offers a lot of comfort, but hardly added long-to-length swing. Nothing about this chassis is particularly complicated, but it works reliable and untouched.


Vw: three to seven months delivery delays

The car purchase remains in many cases for volkswagen customers in many cases – because of the current problems with new exhaust tests partly even on vehicles with alternative drive types. For cars with hybrid and natural gas drive, no orders were currently accepted.

Previously, the world on sunday (edition of 5. August 2018) reported on the topic. The order stop with these drive types, according to volkswagen, according to model changes and technical changes together. Hybrid vehicles are expected to be ordered in 2019, natural gas cars already again in the fourth quarter of 2018, said a speaker.

On long delivery times from currently up to seven months, the speaker must provide buyers pure electric vehicles. He spoke of a "quite high demand", because of which already several times the capacities had been increased. "But of course we will continue to accept orders for E vehicles," said the speaker.


Four begins

Four begins

Detroit / paris / russelsheim, 24. October 2012 – europe’s interest in cars dwinds, especially small cars are bleoftwer in the expenses. Especially with them, however, it makes the mass, therefore the high, in the long run but ruinosen discounts at the handlers. For the european carmakers, which make their sales mainly in the lower segments, it becomes easy.

Compactvan, crossover, small car and lower middle class

To survive the threatening sales crisis, now opel and peugeot / citroen are now enough. Appearance was a mutual substitution of general motors and PSA already since 29. February 2012, today the first projects are announced. For cost reduction, four vehicles could be built on a common basis. The manufacturers sell the development of four common vehicle platforms in different segments:

– "A joint program for a compact multi-purpose van for opel / vauxhall and a compact crossover utility vehicle for the peugeot brand – a common multi-purpose vehicle program for the small car segment for opel / vauxhall and the citroen brand – a width platform for small consumption small cars as the basis for the next vehicle generation of opel / vauxhall and PSA in europe and in the rest of the world – a joint program for the vehicles of the D-segment of opel / vauxhall and the brands peugeot and citroen "


Audi and hyundai cooperate with the fuel cell

"The fuel cell is the most consistent form of electrical driving," says peter mertens, management board technical development of AUDI AG. The ingolstadter company is planning a cooperation with the hyundai motor group. Although cooperation is still subject to advocacy permits. But the goal is the mutual patent exchange and the market import of a sporting audi SUV in the premium segment "at the beginning of the coming decade". In a next stage of development then "a broader market offer" should be made available, it will continue to be called.

Within the volkswagen group, audi has been working with electric cars for 20 years, which get their driving stream from a hydrogen-operated fuel cell. There is not a series product yet.

Hyundai, on the other hand, already delivers the second generation of a fuel cell SUV in the spatsummer. The upcoming NEXO costs 69.000 euros, but there are various demands programs that lower the price. The car in the format of a volkswagen tiguan allspace was able to satisfy the demand for a family and long-range-suitable electric car.


Exhaust gas fraud: eu proceedings against germany

EU commission takes action against germany over volkswagen emissions fraud. The brussels authority accuses the german government, among other things, of not having punished volkswagen for manipulating the emission values of diesel cars, as it announced at noon today. The commission has therefore initiated proceedings for alleged violation of european law. The case is based on the fraud committed by the volkswagen group in order to protect the emission test values. As a result, millions of diesel cars with greatly increased emissions were put on the market.

The EU commission is of the opinion that the german supervisory authorities did not sufficiently control the company. This could constitute a violation of EU law. The commission considers the german government’s reactions to date to be patchy. In addition to germany, six other EU states are facing proceedings: it is making the same accusation against the czech republic, lithuania, greece, luxembourg, spain and the united kingdom.

In the case of germany and great britain, the EU commission still sees a further delay in legislation. Both countries had not provided the authority with all known information in their national investigation reports, according to the accusation.


Danger for cars: “everything networked is also attacked”

Danger for cars:'alles, was vernetzt ist, wird auch angegriffen''alles, was vernetzt ist, wird auch angegriffen'

The rapidly rising number of crosslinked vehicles makes serious cyber attacks on cars after expert opinion becoming more likely. This assessment of the experts from the insurance industry, IT industry, science and the security workers citis on tuesday at the all-year-old autoforum of the insurer allianz.

"Everything networked is also attacked", said hans adlkofer, manager at the chip manufacturer infineon, who supplies many automakers. The worst scenario is an attack on a whole vehicle fleet or velvet vehicles of a single model. Conceivable is therefore even the remote controlled converting of a car in an attack weapon.

Possible main goal for criminals

"This is obviously possible", told conrad meyer, expert for car safety at the cyber security agody concerned to the federal ministry of the interior. "In addition to the logistics and energy sector, the networked car was able to become an art of one of the main objectives of the IT criminal", warned allianz germany chief klaus-peter rohler in a written statement.


Carsharing in criticism

The federal association of carsharing lays on tuesday (21. February 2017) the current figures for the growing market for years. Especially the station-independent offers grew in recent years. Behind it are mainly the services of the automakers daimler (car2go), BMW (drive now) and citroen (multicity). The so-called free-floating offers in grobstadten made around 40 percent of the offer in 2016. The classic, station-based providers grow in smaller city. Car sharing advocates speak of "climate protection through driving". A car replace several private cars, emphasizes the industry association for years. But that’s right?

The geographer stefan weigele has recently. As early as 2014, he evaluated millions of records of station-independent fleets in his hamburg consulting firm civity. Result: many rides are a few kilometers long and after work, at the end of a scene in the next – despite bus monthly card in the wallet in the wallet. "Convenience mobility" as "replacement product for the bicycle, public transport and taxi," whites call the. On average, such carsharing vehicles drove an hour per day and were thus inefficient like a private car.

The ride with the sharing car is more expensive than the bus ticket and thus increases the mobility spending customers, as it is called in the examination. For the automakers she sees a billion market. The comfortable carsharing cars without station bring new users to the taste, suspects professor stefan bratzel. He speaks of a "entry-level drug in the driving". Daimler formulated before a while, ultimately a ride with car2go is always a test drive with the smart.


Afd: “e-fuels should be demanded”

The afd wants to introduce legislative initiatives in the bundestag for a requirement of e-fuels. This involves the use of synthetic fuels in combustion engines, which could reduce CO2 emissions. The afd proposes, among other things, that in the future vehicles with combustion engines that run on synthetic fuels should be treated the same as battery-electric cars for income tax purposes. E-fuels had numerous advantages, said the transport policy spokesman for the afd parliamentary group, dirk spaniel, on wednesday (5. December 2018) in berlin.

The existing filling station infrastructure could continue to be used, value creation in automotive manufacturing would remain in germany and dependence on oil could be reduced. E-fuels are synthetic fuels that are ideally produced with electricity from renewable sources. Hydrogen is initially produced from water and electricity by electrolysis. Methane can then be produced in combination with CO2, which then serves as a fuel in the same way as natural gas.

Spaniel also criticized a "crusade against the internal combustion engine" in view of diesel driving bans. The EU’s planned higher CO2 limits also threatened german manufacturers with billions of euros in fines. The afd politician criticized a one-sided demand of electric cars. E-cars, however, are too expensive and unaffordable for low-income earners. "An ideologically driven transport and environmental policy counteracts a sensible economic policy."