The network as advertising

Internet communication and economic interests. Overview – part 1

In the age of globalization, the power of economic organizations seems to be as rough as ever before. In the MAB, in which the policy on the accumulating of economic "practical purges" is limited, the co-designing possibilities of the individual burgers in the framework of their democratic procedure. From the "web 2.0 "fuguilized utopias of a basic democratic" power to the people "through communicative exchange on the internet are just right here. Stupid only that just in the network commerce and economic power are almost unturned. Netzburger, who want to counter the marketing apparatus of companies and agencies, have their own points of view with some difficulties to fight.

"Communication" has been a term under the world of advertising and PR: embassies are targeted and more or less sent by specialists to the man or the woman. The communicative possibilities that the internet offers, on the other hand, are reminiscent of times when communication was still a key term in the project left clearance.


Comeback of renewable warm

The energy and climate weekend: the geothermal energy is back, conceptlessness in the solar warms and tenants should pay energetic renovations

For a long time it had become quiet for the renewables and the warm. The rough potential of regenerative hot supply was completely misjudged. Because she is too little group-relevant? Warm three quarters of energy consumption in buildings.

Instead, system-based maws like scrapping program, runtime longing and planes for EEG disassembly had absolute priority. At the beginning of the year, the demand of the regenerative warm was equally capped. But with the perspective on speedy change of power change, the initiatives for a regenerative heat supply and efficient warning use returns at the federal level.


N26: penalty interest rates for credit from 50.000 euro

N26: Criminal interest rates for credit from 50,000 euros

If you open an account at digitalbank N26, you will have to expect penalty interests with gross credits from november: with more than 50.000 euro will be a sentence of 0.5 percent per year. This is apparent from the overworked general business conditions and a reference to the homepage. Excluded is the premium account model "metal". First, the fiscal BLOG financial scene had reported on the new fee.

Unusual for direct bank

Apparely, the maaking is according to the finance scene.DE in itself – many branch banks therefore require penalty interests for deposits on giro and other accounts. However, the limit is always at 100.000 euro and more. In addition, most direct banks have not raised a comparable fee, the comdirect only from 250.000 EURO.

According to persons from the business environment, which is opposite to the financial scene.De exerted, it is supposed to give two basics for the maaking: since N26 does not operate extensive credit price, the bank can not do much with coarse deposits. In addition, the house is to plan a daily money account with positive interest rate. With penal interests, customers with coarse credit have been incentive to bring their money to such an account. This is especially true if this account is offered in cooperation with a partner. In this case, N26 was able to receive a commission.


More bubbanks due to dsgvo violation in 2020

More bubbanks due to DSGVO violation in 2020

The handelsblatt has queried clarifications against the data protection regulation. It came out that nearly 60 percent more bubbanks were worn last year than the year before. However, in both years the information of a federal state – mecklenburg-vorpommern makes no statements. Affected by penalties and lower bubbles are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises as well as solosite.

The penalties amounted to 48 million euros nationwide. In this case, however, the bumped bugs makes the book money against the fashion trade HM, which had to pay 35 million euros alone. The record pitcher diverted the hamburg data protection officer. Hm had registered employees in a service center in nurberg and collected private data – from holiday experiences to disease symptoms.

This is followed by a budget of 10.4 million euros, which is the lower sachsian data protection officer against notebook-bearing.DE. Unlike HM, who did not want to go in vocation, to finish the case quickly quickly, the electronic item provider defends himself against the pre-warnings, inadmissible employees. The AOK in baden-wurttemberg had to pay 1.2 million euros for advertising purposes without consent.


Paypal extends offer for installment and later payments

PayPal extends offer for installment and later payments

Payment service provider paypal expands its offer for installment payments for online shopping in germany: in addition to the 12-month term for financing, 3, 6 and 24 months are now available. At the relatively high effective annual interest rate of 9.99 percent, however, paypal is nothing. Handlers who want to offer customers a 0 percent funding must pay for separate charges at each rate.

The further conditions of the installed installments introduced in september 2019 remain the same: it stands for purchasing between 99 and 5000 euros for the fraction, instant repayments or premature complete rejections are possible at any time. The payment is carried out in the monthly installment in automatic direct debit procedure. For risk and receivables management, paypal. The option will display customers during the payment process in the online shop automatically after logging in to the paypal account. The decision on the financing approach achievements then in real time.

Pay later

In addition to the installment payments, paypal also contributes its payment options with the new option "payment after 30 days". Paypal bay only after a period of 30 days via direct debit the payment amount from the account of the buyer side. The trading site preserves the money directly at the transaction of paypal. There are no additional costs incurred on both sides. Against one "minor" customers were able to send the payment term to 84 days. So far, paypal had only offered the later payment with a 14-day deadline.


Water snake-related leica with rockstar attitude

Leica introduced the leica M-P set correspondent by lenny kravitz for kravitz design. Behind the bulky name hides a leica M-P, which was designed by the rockstar of the same name. The special edition is only available as a complete package, the set besides the camera the two lenses summicron-M 1: 2/35 mm ASPH and summilux-M1: 1.4 / 50 mm ASPH and a mab-made carrying case for safe transport of exquisite equipment. If you are the non-commitment recommended retail prices of leica MP (6920 euros, daily price in heise price comparison), the summicron-M 1: 2/35 mm ASPH (RRP 2850 euro, daily price (from 2750 €)) and the summilux-M1: 1 , 4/50 mm ASPH (RRP 3640 euro, daily price (from 3867 €)) added, one comes to a difference of around 9000 euros to the set.

Lenny kravitz and leica

Water snake-related Leica with Rockstar Attitude

lenny kravitz on the vernissage to his exhibition "flash". Under this name, a picture band has already been published in which he photographically hold his rockstar life.

For that many money you have no leica standard, but a lovingly by hand on old trimmed leica M-P. The camera already has the typical wear tracks on the factory, ie the typical vintage look that features a reporter camera in use on decades. By contrast, the water-snake loading, with the leica not only the camera, but also support straps, hand strap and the suitcase are subject to. The leather should come from sustainably used sources, the species protection should not be subject to reptiles. A hint: water snakes are used, for example, in gross-style sudostasies as cheap crocodile lining, in the case incurred in excess.


Bitcoinvermogen confiscated in the billions of us resistances

Bitcoinvermogen confiscated in the billions of US resistances

US resists have a sum of 69.370 bitcoin confiscated, which should come from passed the 2013 closed darknet drug market square silk road. The coins have an hour of over a billion US dollar or around 905 million euros. The crypto money had shamed at an address for several years and was first moved on tuesday evening, which had taken care of astellation and speculation – until the US department of justice was then recognized as an actor behind thursday evening. It is the soared confiscation of crypto money in the history of the ministry.

"The successful investigations against the silk road grunder in 2015 will love a billion-dollar question. Where the money has remained?", said prosecutor david L. Anderson according to the press release. Now you can answer the question at least a stucco to answer, so anderson. Overall, the US resistors say that the silk road around 600.000 bitcoin should have taken in commercial goods, whose whereabouts is not yet fully clarified. Around 174.000 bitcoin should have been ensured from the FBI, which this crypto money was already auctioned.

Individual X

According to the US resistant to a "individual X" designated person who stolen coins 2012 or 2013 with a hack of silk road. But the person came to the person but only 2020, as a researcher of the tax attacks IRS together with a blockchain analytical company – according to reports chainalysis – in an investigation 54 unacceptable transactions in the context of silk road could be resorted in the context of silk road. The person has given their understanding to the seizure, won it in court documents. Whether the part of a deal with the penal convergers is open. Also details about the hack and the suspicious person were not mentioned.


Legendar berlin bitcoin bar room 77

Legendar Berlin Bitcoin Bar Room 77

It was allowed to have been one of the first stationar businesses worldwide in which customer could pay with the krypto money bitcoin: the burger-bar room 77 in berlin-kreuzberg. But now the pub will end their doors end-to-filled, shared operators joerg platzer via reddit with. Since year 2011, the bar bitcoin had been adopted as a means of payment – bitcoin was still far from today’s courses and one of the first rough speculative bubble on the brass MT long ago. Gox stood up.

The mission to make humanity tasty a really hard money is to be filled and one can now return to his home planet, from which one had once come, in the farewell mail, that in allusion to the sci-fi satire "the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy" held. Platzer confirmed the end of our site: "the bitcoin is now coarse enough to get clarified without a kreuzberger rock’n’roll bar." corona specifications and a upcoming renovation of the building also gave the rash for the retention.

The bitcoin neighborhood

Numerous members of the bitcoincommunity regretted the end and love, for example, to review memories in the first place, where they could actually spend bitcoin for the first time. The room 77 is considered one of the central places for the development of the european bitcoin scene, community members from all over the world met there, numerous journalists visited the bar to over the "phanomen bitcoin" to report.


Presentation: mercedes c-class facelift 2018

Presentation: mercedes c-class facelift 2018

When the old C-class 2011 was handled, mercedes reached deep into the bag. A heavily changed front and above all a generally renovated interior made the difference between old and recoverable. Mercedes had to react, because the criticism of the rather simply lined interior did not want to silence. At the current generation, things are a bit different. Accordingly, the revision falls after four years.

Light enlargement

Spotter were said that mercedes could have tested the refreshed model easily without camouflage in public transport. Only those who look closely and woman, what to pay attention to, will recognize the minimally changed schurzen, jerk lights and the new kuhlergrill. That may dive one or the other maybe something, but the C-class was in my view after four years in the trade also not strongly renovation. Mercedes remains mass-mabig in halogen headlights, for surcharge, there are LED headlamps with and without matrix function. The expensive system now also offers crossing, roundabout, city and bad weather light.

In the interior, the innovations are a bit clearer, but only if the customer has paid powerful. The expensive navigation system now has a screen with a resolution of 1920 x 720 pixels with a diagonal of 10.25 inches. The standard radio system and the small, slightly less superior navi get a seven-inch display, the larger execution is available for the two for a surcharge. When it remains, however, everything remains like: the system can be operated via an extended voice control, controller in the middle with touchpad – now with ruckmeldung and steering wheel keys. The steering wheel buttons with a touch panel are already known from coarse models like the E-class. There they did not convince us completely. A touchscreen, as explained in the next A-class, does not come to this C-class.