Masterpidemistry in the congo

Masterpidemistry in the Congo

Measles vaccine in muganga. Photo: julien harneiss. License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Who reports over 6.000 dead

According to the world health organization WHO, the current measles epidemic in the former belgian congo is now over 6.000 people died – over twice as much as the ebola epidemic, which so far 2.230 deathspeaker demanded. In addition, the measles epidemic in the congo of the WHO is now considered the one who spreads the rapidly worldwide. Since june 2019, 310.000 infection trap reported from all 26 provinces of the country.


Legal kiffen with cannabis fuser

Thc-centerdecker roger pertwee kept the previous drug policy for FUR and calls for a rethinking damage limitation

At the annual meeting of the british science association in birminghamer aston university, the neuropharmacologist roger perswee demanded that the sale of cannabis should be allowed. The exercise caused in british media among others therefore roughly sensational, because pertwee has been creating rapidly scientifically scientifically with cannabinoids for 40 years and there are few people in the world, whose knowledge is comparable to this group of materials and their effect on the human organism with the human organism.

Ideally, so the professor, cannabis should not be consumed to pleasure, but in practice showed itself in many decades that a ban did not work. The previous policy was failed on a whole line and a pity more than you use. You must be careful to limit the damage and try new ways. Even with alcohol, one had concluded that a regulated levy compared to an uncontrollable black market is the smaller ubel.


Sweden – “soft” basic for the pandemic special way

Sweden -'weiche' grunde fur den pandemie-sonderweg

Why were mabschlen without prohibitions in sweden and why there is the appropriate jerk of this in the population? – an explanatory attempt

Sweden goes a special way in the pandemic and the result is still open. Neither had the opponents like the commutations of the "non-lockdown" really quite so far. There are not any "italian matters" entered, with superfilled intensive care units with dying people who get morphium instead of a ventilator. On the other hand, sweden stands with 570 dead per million inhabitants much worse than norway, where 49 dead come to one million.

But why is selected in sweden this path and why there is the corresponding jerking for this in the population? Which "soften" factors in the psychogram of the country are crucial?


Company criticism and mental health

Company criticism and mental health

Image: pixabay.COM / CC0

The scientific and political dimension of the question of whether more and more people are psychologically

On the question of whether mental disorders increase, remain the same or even slimming, the ghosts divorce. The one arguing socially critical that today’s time with their changes in the working world, the media and their crises make people sick. The others consider the for culture pessimism, which has always given it, and draw a positive picture of the present.


The secrets of the keyboard

Almost two gram of dirt and waste collect under the keys of the month, revealed an investigation

Unleggest scientists have discovered in a chipactic acidic acid and heat-resistant bacteria, from which generous biotransistors can be produced (living semiconductors). Which internal life thrives in the discourse of the computers and the peripheral devices, probably has not been studied yet. But now we know, thanks to AOL UK, what is so accumulated in a month in the computer keyboard in an average buro.

Representative is not this investigation. Whether, for example, the contents of the keyboards in london of those who are needed in the country or even in other countries remains as well as a secret as the differences between men and women, the generations or social layers.


Adac calls for abandonment of environmental zones

From 1. January 2008, berlin, koln and hanover will be the first cities to introduce low emission zones. According to the automobile club, an expert report commissioned by the ADAC shows that their effect was zero. For this reason, ADAC vice president for transport, ulrich klaus becker, is calling on the municipalities concerned to forego this unjustified encroachment on people’s mobility.

Rather, in the view of ADAC, sensible measures must be taken. Passenger car traffic could also make a contribution, although its share of particulate matter pollution is very low at five percent. However, coughing up particulate filters would be much more effective than an environmental zone, as it would tackle the problem at its root. In addition, cities should make greater efforts to direct traffic more intelligently, for example with the help of "gruner wellen". The administrative burden created by the sticker ordinance is also to be criticized. Millions of cars would need a sticker in the future, even though they do not emit particulate matter. A considerable number of civil servants would have to be created for this purpose.

The report was prepared by professor detlev moller of the technical university of cottbus, but "on the possible influence of the environmental zone planned in berlin on air quality with regard to PM10 and nox". This relativizes its validity, because berlin is neither koln nor hannover. However, the results can in principle also be applied to environmental zones in other cities, according to an ADAC spokesman.


A map of the personal experiences

Memoloop, a mesh from memories

Since the web 2.0 projects boom, do not give it things that are not somehow networked. The users of such projects share the network world, for example, what they are doing, where they are right now or how they are health. And now our previously very private memories are to be recorded and made public. That’s the goal of memoloop.DE, a new social network in which the users have been "memos (texts, pictures, drawings or videos) of memories of their own past since mid-august.

The initiator and former publishing manager florian wagner writes: