Decision by artificial intelligence

Decision by artificial intelligence

You know: your internet connection is zossed, you call your provider. There no one takes off, they horse a machine announcement instead, according to the "all sites occupied" are, and music they do not take. At some point you should follow an acoustic menu, wrote keywords or tap answers to the phone keypad. Finally, they end up after several minutes, hours of their rest of life, on a human ear – unless the connection is breaking out unexplained grounds and they have to go back to the hotline. No wonder that they are raised in the end.

All this and much more should help prevent chatbots that are increasingly being used in customer service. A here tatiges company, more precisely the provider of "customer engagement software" freshworks, meanwhile, found that in particular in germany customers his answering machines. "92 percent of the interactions with chatbots in germany include scolded words or insults", write freshworks. 92 percent, so almost all customers in the botchat are angry and let their acknowledgeable run.

In dealing with human customer service employees, this is different, has a survey under 6055 consumers and 812 decision-makers in customer service divisions in the great britain, germany, france and the netherlands. It came out that in 82 percent of the contacts of man to person was insulted and insulted in germany. Germany is located in the average of 75 percent in the countries considered. Significantly more courteous be the british: 52 percent chatbots or customer service employees insulted.


Nissan’s giant giant

Munchen, 8. May 2014 – whether funf or seven seats, whether four-wheel drive or two-wheel drive – the 1.7 centimeter in the long grown and now 4.65 meters measuring nissan X-trail of the third generation makes a good first impression. Its modern exercise may be considered as successful departure from the process design of the process. Added to this is a deflection of his wheelbase by 7.6 centimeters and an externally coarsent series equipment.

Departure from the box

Especially in terms of interior facilities and space, the 1.82 centimeter wide X-trail is coarsent. The seats of the middle row of seats can be moved in the long, so the passengers on the burst six and seven do not have to travel with their knees on their ears. Who requires the back places, for the nissan 800 euros, can do without a trunk volume of 550 liters. 1982 liters are available when the seats of the second row are folded up. The coarse tailgate offnet electrically via remote control. If you have to transport even more, you can add up to two tons of heavy pendant.

Drive of the new nissan X-trail is a 130 hp and 1.6 liters of gross four-cylinder diesel engine until the coming year. In 2015, a 1.6 liter gross turboenziner will be put to him. Despite a torque of 320 nm, the 1.6-tonner does not feel particularly flink in the lower speed range. It is good that you can keep the motor with the easy and prazis to switching manual six-speed gearboxes in the appropriate speed range above 2000 tours. Because then the performance is quite passable. The wearer xtronic automatic transmission is not an ie here, it is only available for the front-wheel drive versions


Fsf: dispute due to richard stallman leads to changes in a leverage level

FSF: Dispute due to Richard Stallman leads to changes in a leverage level

Richard stallmans return to the board of the 1985 founded by him founded free software foundation (FSF) has taken place in the past week for much emport. In an open letter, parts of the open source scene of stallmans had requested immediate distance from all lead positions including the GNU project, as well as a jerk of the current FSF board. Stallman were accused of writing among other women’s and transfather positions.

The FSF itself is at least partially conformed to the critics and has been committed to changes in the current management wars as well as in the contemporary occupation process of leadership positions. Some have already been implemented, others were virtually by itself by voluntary randoms of previous members of the executive board to the random assistance of the FSF prassident geoffrey knauth.

About 4000 signatures for stallman

Stallmans supporters had on the massive protests on their part with a also on the 23. Marz released open letter reacts. This was now signed more than 4200 times. About the actual force ratio, this number says little: during the list of supports primar individuals, the letter of the stallman critics (with currently currently "only" around 2800 signatures) also signed by rough open source organizations such as mozilla, the gnome foundation and the goal project with a correspondingly high influence. Also the free software foundation europe (FSFE), an independent sister organization of the FSF, calls for a repression of stallmans.


Ford focus st with new family face

Ford focus st with new family face

Essen, 3. December 2007 – after its weaker brothers, the focus ST is now also getting its turn: at the essen motor show from 1. Up to 9. December 2007, ford unveils the sporty top model with the new family face.

Appearance with additional changes

The facelifted ford focus could already be admired at the IAA in frankfurt in september 2007. The ST is also based on this design. This now also has the new face in the so-called "kinetic design", which is already known from the new mondeo. In order to distinguish itself from the weaker focus variants, the ST has a front apron that has been modified again in detail with a grooved lower air intake framed by the fog lights. In contrast to the otherwise chrome-decorated focus models, the front edge of the hood is painted in body color. Under the accentuated wheel arches there is room for 18-inch coarse alloy wheels in the special ST design. The rear end features a new stobfanger, which has a diffuser with distinctive fins in the lower section. This is designed to improve driving stability at high speeds.

In "electric orange" on 241 km

The striking fluorescent orange can still be ordered exclusively for the new focus ST. Officially, the paint is called "electric orange", it was chosen by about 30 percent of ST buyers across europe despite its not cheap price. Under the hood of the fast ford is an unchanged 2.5-liter spark-ignition engine that produces 225 horsepower. With this, the ST is said to have a top speed of 241 km. The modified turbo develops a maximum torque of 320 newton meters, which is available between 1600 and 4000 revolutions.


Open nato “communication center” in riga

Open NATO'kommunikationszentrum' in riga

Shares of households in the districts of latvia, in which russian is spoken. Map: tubs and xil (editing). License: CC BY-SA 3.0.

Military’s conference debates over influence of perception

One "communication" is the other "propaganda". The youngest example for this is the inauguration of a NATO facility in the latvian capital riga, which as the military object "strategic communications center of excellence" designated, during the russian prawda ("truth") of a "propaganda center" speaks.


Maria does not like to be roman, but only to be catholic

Maria does not like to be Roman, but only to be Catholic

"We get her from the pedestal! In our middle!" – galth in the santa maria gloriosa dei frari / venice: giovanni bellini (1437 – 1516) photo: didier descouens / CC-BY-SA-4.0

Two lands of reform movement "maria 2.0" gave their exit from the romisch-catholic church. The reason: a real change is not in sight

It started at the beginning of 2019 with a reading circle of the parish "holy cross" in munster. From the studies of the "evangelii gaudium", the first apostolic letter from pope francis, became a discussion – especially of women – about the current situation in the catholic church. More and more it came to light, "that for years the same questions have been discussed for years and that despite the recourse reform readiness, the abolition of existing man-together power structures is not in sight."


Magnitski case: the remembrance of the bill browder

Magnitski Case: The remembrance of the Bill Browder

The representations of the investment banker via his employee sergei magnitski and his death in 2009 were disseminated unfavorably uninterries

Whistleblower are the heroes of the information age. Your leaks reveal the durability of our usual sources while at the same time information surplus. The yearning is roughly after a journalism that reveals information, incubates incorrect representations, narrative question; hook.

Bill browder’s representations about his employee sergei magnitsky and his death in 2009 were disseminated unfavorably uninterries. In the episode browder was able to do the so-called "magnitsky act" initiate a law that should be sanctioned by those who have been responsible for magnitski’s arrest or have to draw financial benefits from it. According to browder, his lawyer sergei magnitsky has revealed a 230 million heavy tax fraud and has been killed in a russian prison because he did not move from his allegations.


Finland: satellite from plywood should start this year

Finland: Satellite from plywood should start this year

A finnish wooden group wants to send a satellite to all this year and to accommodate the first wooden satellites from japan, which were confessed just a few months ago. Of the "WISA WOODSAAT" should have the mabe of a cubesat and will probably be used primarily as PR, even if the participants are you "data on behavior and durability of plywood in the harsh environment" collect. This should happen, among other things, using a camera attached to a foldable holder and to photograph the satellite. Behind the plan is upm plywood, europe’s big plywood manufacturer.

Satellite with selfie stick

Our "holznener satellite with a selfie stick will certainly be saved well and some laugh", but basically it is a serious scientific and technical challenge, ares project manager jari makinen. He works for the startup arctic astronautics, which is also involved in development as well as the company’s loud. In the woodsat mission should not only be analyzed the plywood, different sensors should make quantities and the satellite will also send to frequencies that can receive amateur radio. The woodsat should also promote the farewell of fossil raw materials. Even before the end of the year, he should be shot on a polar orbit on a rocket of the new zealandic space company rocket lab on a polar orbit and circle in 500 to 550 kilometers around the earth.

Environment from finland now follows a few months on a similar from japan. There, scientists of the university kyoto want to develop a satellite of wood to start with the local wood company sumitomo forestry, which should start 2023. First of all, they are about paths against harmful cheeks that emerge when creating their satellites in the atmosphere. Both satellites were not the first wooden objects in space, because NASA had already saluted several moon landing capsules in balsaholz.


All-wheel drive light: peugeot 508 rxh in the driving report

All-wheel drive light: peugeot 508 rxh in the driving report

Marseille, 29. February 2012 – the peugeot 508 RXH is not peugeot’s first diesel hybrid, but it remains an unusual and original concept. Under the front hood works a two-liter diesel with 163 hp. It drives the front axle via the six-speed automated manual transmission located next to it. The rear axle is driven by an electric motor with 27 kw (37 hp). The small nimh battery and the power electronics are also located on the rear axle. This results in an all-wheel drive, albeit with a somewhat weaker rear end – an all-wheel drive light to a certain extent. We were able to drive the diesel hybrid all-wheeler for the first time.

Exchanged expectations

The car’s system output is 200 hp, the torque reaches 450 nm at low speed and is permanently above 360 nm. After our experience with the 3008 hybrid4, we expected nothing but good things from the 508 RXH in terms of powertrain. The compact van convinces with good downforce and surprisingly smooth gear changes. For the first time, you can experience an automated manual transmission that doesn’t annoy you with the usual interruptions in thrust when changing gears. In the 3008 hybrid4, peugeot engineers have managed to have the electric motor compensate for the lack of diesel propulsion during gear changes. With the 508 RXH, however, we were soon disillusioned. First, the diesel hybrid in the midsize station wagon seems much less nippy than in the compact van, partly due to its heavier weight: the 508 RXH is around 100 kilos heavier than the 3008 hybrid4.

Trackable gearshift pauses

Secondly, the gearshift pauses in the 508 RXH are very noticeable in some situations, for example when you have just driven down a slope and now want to drive up again on the other side – then the car hangs a little. Even those who are under stress and accelerate in a less than relaxed manner will be able to spurt the tractive power interruptions. It gets better when you set the sport mode on the selector wheel in the center console – also familiar from the 3008 hybrid4. In terms of objective driving performance, the 508 RXH cuts a good figure: only 8.5 seconds are needed for the sprint to 100 mph. This is exactly the same value as the 3008 hybrid4. The maximum speed is 213 km.


Iaea: without nuclear power, climate goals are unattainable – germany on special way

IAEA: Without nuclear power, climate goals are unattainable - Germany on special way

An achievement of global climate goals is practically excluded after convection of the chief of the international atomic energy organization (IAEA), rafael grossi, without nuclear power. In this respect, the end of nuclear energy in germany was politically legitimate, but in relation to the climate and the two-degree target is not scientifically burdenable.

Climate change only with nuclear power

"The scientific fact is that nuclear power plants cause an extremely low carbon dioxide outlet", said grossi of the german press agency in vienna. It is an empirical fact that one third of the clean energy from nuclear sources come from. Calling on the intergovernmental body for climate change (IPCC) and the international energy agency said grossi: "each way to achieve the 2-degree threshold set in the paris agreement is nearly impossible without nuclear power, if not impossible."

The argentine diplomat looked shortly before his visit to berlin, where he meets, among others, aufekler heiko maas (SPD) and participates in the conference of the world health summit.