Also marx and engels have house and picture ban in ukraine

The ukrainian government is barely ahead of corruption stagnation, but for political cleaning

The ukrainian government had begun neatly as in a communist regime with a list of artists who are unnecessary in ukraine because they are "in favor of the violation of the ukrainian territorial integration and sovereignty" (artists threaten national security of ukraine).

In september followed another list of persons and companies, which was also created by the SBU SBU SBU and had reviewed by the national security and defense council (NSDC). You will be charged u.A. The "real or potential threats of national interests, national security, the sovereignty and territorial integration, the requirement of terrorist activities". However, there were also some journalists from the west, u.A. From the BBC, recorded. The stroke of the line after protests rather reluctantly from the list (so kiev must understand press freedom).


New ford shelby gt500 with 856 nm torque

New ford shelby gt500 with 856 nm torque

Dearborn (USA), 30. April 2012 – ford speaks of the new shelby GT500 from the strongest series V8 engine, which has ever been installed in a vehicle. Nevertheless, he should be economical – at least more economical than any other competitor offered in the US market of this class. You have to stop it nowadays


That the new GT500 over 650 hp, ford had already announced in early 2012. Now the americans have their flagship athlete certified by the US standardization organization SAE certified. Officially, the GT500 671 HP has 6500 rpm and a tremendous torque of 856 nm. Already at the idle speed of 1000 rpm 536 nm are available. Between 2000 and 5800 rpm at least 90 percent of torque are available.

New compressor

The 114 hp profit against the process model will be achieved in the new shelby GT500 above all through the TVS-2,3-liter compressor of the US specialist eaton. In addition, the engineers have also adapted the chassis, the chassis and the brakes of brute performance. The adjustable suspension comes from bilstein and for the delay, a hexagonal system of brembo is used. In addition, the GT500 with a launch control for optimal start and an electromechanical power steering is erupted.


“No pirates” – in russia’s arctic economic zone, but still unquestioned

A court in the northern russian murmansk condemned 22 activists from the greenpeace action ship arctic sunrise to two months

With an unusual action solidarized on friday kremlin-critical russian media such as ECHO moscow, the internet television channel dosch and the internet portal gazeta.Ru with the russian photographer denis sinjakov. The press photographer hired by greenpeace had the action before the OL drilling platform priraslomnaya in the petschor lake on 18. September photographed.

On thursday, the photographer was convicted to be examined together with 21 greenpeace activists for two months. The detention was fundamentally funged that escape hazard exist. The critical russian media destroyed solid or partly on the publication of photos from solidarity with the photographer and brought blackheads instead of pictures.