Uk: cash for police dna analysis

"Genetic fingerprints" of all those who come into conflict with the law, should be clarified

Prime minister tony blair experienced in the context of a yesterday’s maaking packaging package to release an extra budget of 109 million pounds for those inventive DNA samples of persons accused of a crime and arrested. To the already existing 940.00 so-called "genetic fingerprints" in the database of the police, three million other DNA samples should be added by 2003 by 2003.

All should now be detected, which are arrested because of a criminal act. That ranges from shoplifting to heavy crimes like murder. In the case of a later acquittal, however, the records should be deleted. But burger right groups like liberty criticize the proposal u.A. Therefore, because the number of unlawful records has been increased. Liberty already accuses the forensic science laboratory now at least 50.To keep 000 DNA samples illegally. This is a clear violation of the right to protect the privacy.


Fujinon xf 50mm f1.0 in the test: lichton for fujifilm system cameras

Fujinon XF 50mm F1.0 in the test: Lichton for Fujifilm system cameras

Fujifilm has just his fujinon XF 50mm F1.0 R WR (spelling of the diaphragm on the lens: 1: 1). It is aimed at the mirrorless system cameras with X-bayonet and is the brightest optics so far in the fujifilm portfolio. Also fundamentally the lens was allowed to attend the APS-C festphalts with the large open aperture. Based on the small picture format, there is a 75 mm lens equal, so a slight tele. So far, the portrate lens XF 56mm F1 was.2 R the brightest lens in the fujifilm offer.

Luminous 50 mm fixed focal length for APS-C

Fujinon XF 50mm F1.0 in the test: Lichton for Fujifilm system cameras

with 845 grams is the fujinon XF 50mm F1.0 R WR no lightweight. The scattered aperture is based on the scope of delivery.

Lightweight festbar times numbers to the skats of each lens park. In the focal length range between 50 and 85 millimeters you will be happy to use for portrays when it comes to creating a particularly harmonious background. Likewise, they are suitable for shots in poor lighting ratios to keep the ISO values in bridle. The latter is in times, as many cameras themselves at ISO 12.800 still provide appreciable results, barely an argument for a coarse aperture. Rather, the stimulus consists in the hints of scharute level, with which motives or details highlight themselves, or in the special bokeh, which becomes softly softer with increasing aperture.


Air taxi: honeywell supplies components for and participates in lilium

Air Taxi: Honeywell supplies components for and participates in Lilium

Lilium wants his art-based electrically powered seven-seat air taxi with electronic systems of honeywell. In addition, the US mixed group becomes proportion of share of the german company.

Honeywell should be among other things "COMPACT FLY-BY-WIRE" providing the flight control system, which should be responsible for the control of the moving parts. In addition, 36 controls and channel frames. Liliums CPO yves yemsi refers to the technique as the final element for the lilium jet.

In addition, honeywoll should contribute to the air taxi an avionic system, the pilot should offer a simplified user interface. This system had tailored the two companies to the jet. It is intended to tape the training period and support the operation by a single pilot or a single pilot, which could find more passengers in the jet place. For the first test flight he should withdraw the next year.


Alfa mito: now also with dual clutch transmission

Alfa mito: now also with dual clutch transmission

Frankfurt / main, 12. August 2010 – an alternative to the normal manual gearbox has so far been lacking in the alfa mito range. Now the italians are submitting the 6-speed dual clutch transmission TCT, in which the driver has the choice between manual shifting and shifting. The abbreviation TCT stands for "twin clutch technology" and indicates the two dry clutches of the transmission.

With just one engine

In terms of design, the TCT consists of two parallel partial transmissions, each equipped with its own dry-running clutch. This structure makes it possible to change gears while the current gear is still positively engaged. The technology is networked with other vehicle systems, including the steering, the standard start-stop system and the inclinometer of the hill start aid. "Fiat powertrain technologies" owns a total of 23 patents on the new transmission. The TCT is currently only combined with the 135 hp mito 1.4 TB 16V multiair. The top speed should be 207 km / h, alfa romeo states the consumption is 5.5 l / 100 km, which corresponds to 126 g / km CO2.

1500 euros surcharge

Compared to the version with manual transmission, the TCT-mito should consume 0.1 liters less fuel. A later test must show a realistic practical value. With 8.2 seconds for the sprint to 100 km / h, the acceleration should also have improved by 0.2 seconds. The 6 gears can also be shifted sequentially by manual intervention, paddles on the steering wheel are available for an extra charge of 90 euros. The transmission control is with the so-called D.N.A.-networked system: in mode D (dynamic) the gears are only changed during acceleration at higher speeds; consumption should be the lowest in mode N (normal). Prices for the mito with TCT transmission start at 18.950 euros. The surcharge compared to the version with manual transmission is 1500 euros.


Ministry: tesla suffices new application documents for factory construction

Ministry: Tesla suffices new application documents for factory construction

Tesla has submitted new application documents for the construction of his factory in grunheide at berlin at the state office for the environment. This divided the ministry of the environment in potsdam on thursday. Amendments in the current approval procedure have become necessary, among other things, because the company on site also plans to produce battery cells. For this purpose, tesla has now requested a corresponding secondary device for vehicle production.

With battery cell factory

In january, it became known that tesla in the planned battery cell factory wants to build a mass production with new technology. In the factory, according to information from industry circuits, a new cell type should be produced, which has a five-time high energy and six times more power. The factory should be built on the tesla area in grunheide in direct near the autofabrik.

In addition, tesla is planning an extension of the pressing mill through two more press lines. The body sew is reduced to the application for a production line. Also new there are production steps for the production and painting of plastic components such as stobbar and back-level covers.


Vw passat: new generation in the driving report

Vw passat: new generation in the driving report

Barcelona (spain), 15. October 2010 – even when switching from the golf 5 to the current generation 6, critics vw considered to have their bestsellers just a comprehensive facelift. The success of the golf did not abort, especially since the wolfsburg had improved the right places. In the new edition of the central class model passat VW pursues a similar tactics. Again, outdoor and interior design were only marginally changed, but the technology behind the scenes partly developed significantly. A test drive should show whether VW is rightly talking about a new generation or the process was made only primarily.

Family face

The basic form of the model built since 2005 was maintained in the successor in both body variants. With 4.77 meter long, 1.82 meters wide and 1.47 meters high, the amounts of the sedan have changed only in the millimeter area. In the combination model variant it is as important. However, the new passat takes many features of its VW siblings. At the front, the current brand face falls on, which is now a coarse part of the wolfsburg vehicle palette by polo on the touran to phaeton. The jerk lights of the passat are reminiscent of sharan, touran and touareg.

Inside little new

The interior of the vehicle brings no survivors. The dashboard is afraid of the process very much. Only details were changed: the climate mediation is new, the steering wheel also. Both are already known from various VW models. In addition, a hubsche analog watch found its place up in the center console. It is obvious and upright, after individual butps you do not have to look for a long time. In the test cart with soft leather and elegant aluminum trim strips, material choice and processing meet high tunnels – here the passat offers a good quality.