Save electricity on iphone, macbook and at home in the podcast of mac i

Save electricity on iPhone, MacBook and at home in the podcast of Mac  amp; I

How to extend the battery life of iphone and macbook? And how do you cut the power consumption of electrical advantages in the home office? These questions answer the mac I editors wolfgang reszel and sebastian trepesch in conversation with the colleague johannes schuster.

The editors gives tips and suggestions to a whole range of questions, for example: what role does the display brightness play? What do you have to pay attention to OLED screens? How to use the power saving mode to save energy? What brings the shutdown of turbo boost and dedicated graphics chip? And how do you get power residues in the household on the track?

More about the topics can be found in the current notebook of mac I in three articles. Long work with the macbook, so keep iphone and ipad long through and power consumption: save money in home office.


Mercedes-maybach 6 cabriolet

Who believes he already knew everything about hail damage, which is supposed to park the mercedes-maybach 6 cabriolet during a storm in front of the home door. The trade show of the brand was on the monterey car week (15. Until 20. August) to see. They are traditionally with the pebble beach concours d’elegance. There was a convertible to see, in whose fabric cover thread from rosegold are woven. Why? Probably to continue the needle strip optics of the kuhlergrill, which is somewhat a scenic grille designed by the designers,

Speaking of hail damage: already when parking should be caution, with the rosegold mercedes-maybach namely also refined the rims. The noble materials should continue to catapult the interior in an unprecedented dimension. Leather, wood and lots of displays provide for an equally futuristic like noble ambience.

The stern flees quasi directly into the interior. A break between the outdoor and interior design can not be recognized. Here stern, there already crystal white nappa leather. A trick that the designers have repeated at the seats. Also, those are without visible separation, quasi in a cast, designed. Blue display bander, two head-up displays. The instruments are in rosegold and work with analog hands.


A map of the personal experiences

Memoloop, a mesh from memories

Since the web 2.0 projects boom, do not give it things that are not somehow networked. The users of such projects share the network world, for example, what they are doing, where they are right now or how they are health. And now our previously very private memories are to be recorded and made public. That’s the goal of memoloop.DE, a new social network in which the users have been "memos (texts, pictures, drawings or videos) of memories of their own past since mid-august.

The initiator and former publishing manager florian wagner writes:


Exhaust gas fraud: audi comes under increasing prere

San francisco. October 2016 – volkswagen is making progress in dealing with the emissions affair, but the group’s subsidiary audi is coming under increasing prere. The approximately 85.000 cars running banned software, according to U.S. Authorities, have three-liter diesels from ingolstadt. Here, too, it comes down to an expensive comparison – similar to the smaller two-liter engines designed by volkswagen. So far, however, audi’s successes in crisis management have been limited. This could still lead to trouble with the U.S. Judiciary – and to internal tensions within the company.

A first foretaste was available in black and white on thursday with the latest balance sheet figures: audi cut its expectation for return on sales because of provisions for the diesel crisis and for the scandal over defective takata airbags.

Audi estimates the additional charges at 620 million euros. Thus volkswagens most important profit-maker also cashes in the forecast for the year. Operating profit as a percentage of sales will now probably be "well below the target corridor of 8 to 10 percent". Spatestens so it is now official: audi also spurt the consequences of the emissions fraud.


Scrappage scheme saves opel from billions in losses

The scrappage scheme saved carmaker opel from an originally feared billion-dollar loss in 2009. For 2010, however, the manufacturer continues to expect a "negative result in the billion range", adam opel gmbh writes in its annual financial statements.

Originally, a negative result in the region of 1.2 billion euros had been forecast for fiscal 2009: "actual net loss amounts to 427 million euros", the management explained in the paper, from which the handelsblatt quoted in advance. The improvement over the company’s own forecast was due in particular to the "environmental pamphlet" from which a total of 5 billion euros in government subsidies were distributed to buyers of new cars last year.

How opel is actually doing, however, can at best only be guessed at from the annual financial statements. "Figures refer only to business activities of adam opel gmbh in germany. These are not consolidated financial statements, but the financial statements of a state company", a spokesman in russelsheim told dpa. Opel’s parent company general motors (GM) has reported that the handelsblatt for years, no separate figures for opel from.


Also marx and engels have house and picture ban in ukraine

The ukrainian government is barely ahead of corruption stagnation, but for political cleaning

The ukrainian government had begun neatly as in a communist regime with a list of artists who are unnecessary in ukraine because they are "in favor of the violation of the ukrainian territorial integration and sovereignty" (artists threaten national security of ukraine).

In september followed another list of persons and companies, which was also created by the SBU SBU SBU and had reviewed by the national security and defense council (NSDC). You will be charged u.A. The "real or potential threats of national interests, national security, the sovereignty and territorial integration, the requirement of terrorist activities". However, there were also some journalists from the west, u.A. From the BBC, recorded. The stroke of the line after protests rather reluctantly from the list (so kiev must understand press freedom).


New ford shelby gt500 with 856 nm torque

New ford shelby gt500 with 856 nm torque

Dearborn (USA), 30. April 2012 – ford speaks of the new shelby GT500 from the strongest series V8 engine, which has ever been installed in a vehicle. Nevertheless, he should be economical – at least more economical than any other competitor offered in the US market of this class. You have to stop it nowadays


That the new GT500 over 650 hp, ford had already announced in early 2012. Now the americans have their flagship athlete certified by the US standardization organization SAE certified. Officially, the GT500 671 HP has 6500 rpm and a tremendous torque of 856 nm. Already at the idle speed of 1000 rpm 536 nm are available. Between 2000 and 5800 rpm at least 90 percent of torque are available.

New compressor

The 114 hp profit against the process model will be achieved in the new shelby GT500 above all through the TVS-2,3-liter compressor of the US specialist eaton. In addition, the engineers have also adapted the chassis, the chassis and the brakes of brute performance. The adjustable suspension comes from bilstein and for the delay, a hexagonal system of brembo is used. In addition, the GT500 with a launch control for optimal start and an electromechanical power steering is erupted.


“No pirates” – in russia’s arctic economic zone, but still unquestioned

A court in the northern russian murmansk condemned 22 activists from the greenpeace action ship arctic sunrise to two months

With an unusual action solidarized on friday kremlin-critical russian media such as ECHO moscow, the internet television channel dosch and the internet portal gazeta.Ru with the russian photographer denis sinjakov. The press photographer hired by greenpeace had the action before the OL drilling platform priraslomnaya in the petschor lake on 18. September photographed.

On thursday, the photographer was convicted to be examined together with 21 greenpeace activists for two months. The detention was fundamentally funged that escape hazard exist. The critical russian media destroyed solid or partly on the publication of photos from solidarity with the photographer and brought blackheads instead of pictures.


Luftikus: mdi present airpod and oneflowair

Luftikus: mdi present airpod and oneflowair

Geneva (switzerland), 20. Marz 2009 – cars that are powered by compressed air: at this initially abundant exotic sounding idea, the french company MDI (motor development international) works not less than 50 engineers. MDI chef guy nègre, originally engine designer for formula 1, is dedicated to the topic since the company principles in 1991. To the latest vehicles of MDI of the airpod and the oneflowair, both of which were presented at the geneva car salon.

Gasse expansion engine as the basis

At the airpod, compressed air is pressed into a 175 liter memory on 350 bar. The compressed air is then supplied to a gas expansion motor. Here, the pistons are not moved by the energy of combustion, but by expanding the compressed air. As with an internal combustion engine valves provide valves for the controlled gas exchange: the inlet valve is driving the compressed air. After the valve has closed, the air expands up to a certain residual prere before exceeding it through the exhaust valve.

FUNF PS from 180 cubic

At the airpod, the displacement is only 180 cm3. At 18 bar residual prere, the engine supplies at least 5 hp and a torque of 15 newton meters. The highest speed is indicated at 70 km / h. A compressed air charge ranges according to the manufacturer for 220 urban kilometers. Then you can recharge the store in one and a half minutes.


10.000 Man and a wooden block

For the reliability of queries in dataholds

In order to get to the track that threw a wooden block from a motorway bridge (which led to the death of a woman), investigators have picked up access to connection data of a thousand people. And receive. An apprenticeship over lack of relation, suspected construction and judge reservation.

The reasoned suspicion as a possible result of the data query?

Since january 2008, the data retage law has made sure that certain connection data must be stored for half a year. Access to this data, so the law, but only with a fundamental suspicion of a serious offense. In many cases, in this case, the opinion is represented that the access was justified because it is a murder (which is now charged with the suspicious) by such a serious offense.