Crime of aggression could be charged from 2018

Crime of aggression could be charged from 2018

Courtroom of the ICC. Image: icc

Attack wars are a case for the international criminal court – some in any case

Largely unnoticed by the german publicity, the volkerrecht has made a significant step: attack wars are a pleasant case for the international criminal court (ISTHH). From the 17. July 2018, the court in the hague can dust the jurisdiction in the case of attacking wars. The corresponding resolution was adopted at the conference of the contracting states of the rome statute, the basis for the criminal court, in the UN headquarters in new york by consensus.


Comeback of renewable warm

The energy and climate weekend: the geothermal energy is back, conceptlessness in the solar warms and tenants should pay energetic renovations

For a long time it had become quiet for the renewables and the warm. The rough potential of regenerative hot supply was completely misjudged. Because she is too little group-relevant? Warm three quarters of energy consumption in buildings.

Instead, system-based maws like scrapping program, runtime longing and planes for EEG disassembly had absolute priority. At the beginning of the year, the demand of the regenerative warm was equally capped. But with the perspective on speedy change of power change, the initiatives for a regenerative heat supply and efficient warning use returns at the federal level.


N26: penalty interest rates for credit from 50.000 euro

N26: Criminal interest rates for credit from 50,000 euros

If you open an account at digitalbank N26, you will have to expect penalty interests with gross credits from november: with more than 50.000 euro will be a sentence of 0.5 percent per year. This is apparent from the overworked general business conditions and a reference to the homepage. Excluded is the premium account model "metal". First, the fiscal BLOG financial scene had reported on the new fee.

Unusual for direct bank

Apparely, the maaking is according to the finance scene.DE in itself – many branch banks therefore require penalty interests for deposits on giro and other accounts. However, the limit is always at 100.000 euro and more. In addition, most direct banks have not raised a comparable fee, the comdirect only from 250.000 EURO.

According to persons from the business environment, which is opposite to the financial scene.De exerted, it is supposed to give two basics for the maaking: since N26 does not operate extensive credit price, the bank can not do much with coarse deposits. In addition, the house is to plan a daily money account with positive interest rate. With penal interests, customers with coarse credit have been incentive to bring their money to such an account. This is especially true if this account is offered in cooperation with a partner. In this case, N26 was able to receive a commission.


Legal kiffen with cannabis fuser

Thc-centerdecker roger pertwee kept the previous drug policy for FUR and calls for a rethinking damage limitation

At the annual meeting of the british science association in birminghamer aston university, the neuropharmacologist roger perswee demanded that the sale of cannabis should be allowed. The exercise caused in british media among others therefore roughly sensational, because pertwee has been creating rapidly scientifically scientifically with cannabinoids for 40 years and there are few people in the world, whose knowledge is comparable to this group of materials and their effect on the human organism with the human organism.

Ideally, so the professor, cannabis should not be consumed to pleasure, but in practice showed itself in many decades that a ban did not work. The previous policy was failed on a whole line and a pity more than you use. You must be careful to limit the damage and try new ways. Even with alcohol, one had concluded that a regulated levy compared to an uncontrollable black market is the smaller ubel.


Steve jobs as a literature student: application letter will be auctioned again

Steve Jobs as a literature student: Application letter will be auctioned again

An old handwritten application letter – with a signature – by apple-grunder steve jobs comes again under the hammer, now apparently as a result of a show of a show. In 2018, the document was last auctioned and achieved a price of 175.000 US dollars, as the auctioneer notified. The one-sided leaf is in "very good condition" with just light wrinkles and stains and an old transparent adhesive strip at the upper edge.

Steve jobs with 18

The job writing of jobs dealt in an online action had previously been auctioned in 2018, at that time the auction encompassed a mac-OS X manual signed by jobs as well as a newspaper section signed by him, which is also signed by it.

Steve jobs: application letter and autographs

Steve Jobs as a literature student: Application letter will be auctioned again

the letter of application fulled steve jobs 1973 with 18 out – three years before the reason of apple.


Digital services act: eu commission wants to establish traffic lights for network

Digital Services Act: EU Commission wants to establish traffic lights for network

On wednesday, the EU commission published its long-awaited law package to reimburse the power of online platforms. With two regulations, the commission intends to set up new rules for services on the internet and strict antitrust regulations and make advertising transparent in the network. The goal is "A secure, foreseeable and trustworthy online environment", in the fundamental rights despite deep cuts "be effective".

The for digital status commission presentess margrethe vestager compared the ambitious project with the establishment of the very first traffic light in cleveland in 1914 to regulate increasing traffic. In the meantime, the traffic in the network has increased so, "that we have to bring order to chaos". Platforms therefore meet a due diligence. They had to remove illegal content, but also explain the users why was blocked, and give them a complaint. All involved should also receive information about how used algorithms work.

Platforms at the candy

Part of the bundels is the digital services act (DSA), with which in individual areas a paradigm change in the responsibility. Platforms must therefore prove that they are not "actual knowledge" have illegal content on their pages or "immediately" have traded to remove the content or block access. Otherwise they are liable.


French justice farce against three nurberger continues

French Justice Farce Against three Nurberger continues

In a high-priced fast appeal, the court wants to decide only if the imprisonment is practically subled

The absurdities in the french justice continue. The decision about whether the three boys "missing" from nurberg be released between the ages of 18 and 22, on friday at the court of appeal in the sudwest franzosische pau on the 17. October posted.

At this time, two of the three young men from nurnberg have been practically used their prison sentence. They were on 21. August arrested in the run-up to the G7 summit in the french-basque biarritz and condemned in a rush procedure under severe defense rights to two and three months. For their freezing was already demonstrated several times in nururn and in the basque country.


Decision by artificial intelligence

Decision by artificial intelligence

You know: your internet connection is zossed, you call your provider. There no one takes off, they horse a machine announcement instead, according to the "all sites occupied" are, and music they do not take. At some point you should follow an acoustic menu, wrote keywords or tap answers to the phone keypad. Finally, they end up after several minutes, hours of their rest of life, on a human ear – unless the connection is breaking out unexplained grounds and they have to go back to the hotline. No wonder that they are raised in the end.

All this and much more should help prevent chatbots that are increasingly being used in customer service. A here tatiges company, more precisely the provider of "customer engagement software" freshworks, meanwhile, found that in particular in germany customers his answering machines. "92 percent of the interactions with chatbots in germany include scolded words or insults", write freshworks. 92 percent, so almost all customers in the botchat are angry and let their acknowledgeable run.

In dealing with human customer service employees, this is different, has a survey under 6055 consumers and 812 decision-makers in customer service divisions in the great britain, germany, france and the netherlands. It came out that in 82 percent of the contacts of man to person was insulted and insulted in germany. Germany is located in the average of 75 percent in the countries considered. Significantly more courteous be the british: 52 percent chatbots or customer service employees insulted.


Nissan’s giant giant

Munchen, 8. May 2014 – whether funf or seven seats, whether four-wheel drive or two-wheel drive – the 1.7 centimeter in the long grown and now 4.65 meters measuring nissan X-trail of the third generation makes a good first impression. Its modern exercise may be considered as successful departure from the process design of the process. Added to this is a deflection of his wheelbase by 7.6 centimeters and an externally coarsent series equipment.

Departure from the box

Especially in terms of interior facilities and space, the 1.82 centimeter wide X-trail is coarsent. The seats of the middle row of seats can be moved in the long, so the passengers on the burst six and seven do not have to travel with their knees on their ears. Who requires the back places, for the nissan 800 euros, can do without a trunk volume of 550 liters. 1982 liters are available when the seats of the second row are folded up. The coarse tailgate offnet electrically via remote control. If you have to transport even more, you can add up to two tons of heavy pendant.

Drive of the new nissan X-trail is a 130 hp and 1.6 liters of gross four-cylinder diesel engine until the coming year. In 2015, a 1.6 liter gross turboenziner will be put to him. Despite a torque of 320 nm, the 1.6-tonner does not feel particularly flink in the lower speed range. It is good that you can keep the motor with the easy and prazis to switching manual six-speed gearboxes in the appropriate speed range above 2000 tours. Because then the performance is quite passable. The wearer xtronic automatic transmission is not an ie here, it is only available for the front-wheel drive versions


Fujinon xf 50mm f1.0 in the test: lichton for fujifilm system cameras

Fujinon XF 50mm F1.0 in the test: Lichton for Fujifilm system cameras

Fujifilm has just his fujinon XF 50mm F1.0 R WR (spelling of the diaphragm on the lens: 1: 1). It is aimed at the mirrorless system cameras with X-bayonet and is the brightest optics so far in the fujifilm portfolio. Also fundamentally the lens was allowed to attend the APS-C festphalts with the large open aperture. Based on the small picture format, there is a 75 mm lens equal, so a slight tele. So far, the portrate lens XF 56mm F1 was.2 R the brightest lens in the fujifilm offer.

Luminous 50 mm fixed focal length for APS-C

Fujinon XF 50mm F1.0 in the test: Lichton for Fujifilm system cameras

with 845 grams is the fujinon XF 50mm F1.0 R WR no lightweight. The scattered aperture is based on the scope of delivery.

Lightweight festbar times numbers to the skats of each lens park. In the focal length range between 50 and 85 millimeters you will be happy to use for portrays when it comes to creating a particularly harmonious background. Likewise, they are suitable for shots in poor lighting ratios to keep the ISO values in bridle. The latter is in times, as many cameras themselves at ISO 12.800 still provide appreciable results, barely an argument for a coarse aperture. Rather, the stimulus consists in the hints of scharute level, with which motives or details highlight themselves, or in the special bokeh, which becomes softly softer with increasing aperture.